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38 Useful Products You'll Reach For On A Daily Basis

"I read before going to sleep every night using my much-beloved Kindle Paperwhite — it helps shush the anxious thoughts that often keep me awake at night and helps me get my pages in. But sometimes I lie on my back and....drop my Kindle on my face. Frankly this happens when I'm falling asleep, but also when I'm just reclining and reading on the couch. So after I got a PopSocket for my phone, I thought...why don't I stick one on my KINDLE?! Long story short, it was a great idea, 10/10 recommend. I haven't dropped it on my face SINCE. Also, as a lefty, I find holding my Kindle with one hand and being able to turn the pages very annoying. My right hand is weaker and gets tired, but my left hand can't turn the pages on the right side.The PopSocket makes gripping with my right hand and turning the pages way easier.Pop one of these pretty bbs on your favorite device — it'll make things just a little bit easier."

Get an acetate PopSocket from PopSocket for $17+ (available in nine colors), or check out the full selection of PopSockets on Amazon.

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