No matter what you plan to do with your penetrating oil, versatility and convenience are two critically important features — and WD-40 Easy Reach offers both.

Best Penetrating Oils: Loosen Jammed Bolts and Fight Rust

WD-40 is a classic oil, and it’s known to be so versatile it can fix anything that squeaks, sticks, or needs added moisture or lubrication. And it’s a fantastic formula to use for auto repairs too. Specifically, WD-40 Easy Reach makes it simple to get the oil right where it’s needed, without worrying about breaking the slim hose included on traditional cans of WD-40.

With Easy Reach, you’ll be able to clean away corrosion and protect your vehicle’s various parts and mechanisms. It’ll free up sticky components, lubricate stubborn bolts and screws, and displace any moisture that’s causing problems. And thanks to the 8-inch bendable straw that’s attached to the canister of oil, you’ll be able direct the spray and apply it in targeted areas. It’ll even reach right into slim, tough-to-access areas that you can’t get to with your own hands.