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March 2022 is shaping up to be a fantastic month for washer and dryer deals. Extend your "out with the old, in with the new" spring cleaning mantra to more than just the things on your bookshelves and in your closets. There are great new washers and dryers with the latest features available on sale now at Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy and more retailers.

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Experts say you should replace your washer and dryer after 15 years. If it's been that long (or longer) since you've replaced your washer or dryer, if you're shopping for a new washer and dryer to replace one that broke, or if you're considering an early upgrade, there are some things you need to know.

The latest washers and dryers have new features

The best washers and dryers in 2022 do more than just clean and dry clothing. These home appliances feature innovative functions, including AI technology to sense the type of cleaning your laundry needs; noise reduction technology; integrated Wi-Fi for remote use and notifications; shorter wash times; higher efficiency and more wash- and dry-cycle options than you've seen before.

The best washer and dryer deals right now

Inflation may be affecting appliance prices, but there are good deals out there on some of the best washers and dryers of 2022. LG, Samsung and Maytag are offering slashed prices on stand-alone washers, dryers, stackable washers and dryers and washer and dryer sets now.

If you're not satisfied with the quality of your old washer and dryer and the amount of time it takes to get your clothes clean and dry, it might be time to upgrade to a new pair. Samsung has this washer/dryer set with a brushed black finish on sale now. The washer and dryer have smart dial controls that learn and recommend your preferred washing or drying cycles. The dryer can dry a full laundry load in just 30 minutes.

Following it's most recent price cut, you can get this washer/dryer pair at Samsung for more than $1,000 off. Plus, you can add 3 years of Samsung Care+ parts and labor coverage (a $360 value) for just $1 more.

Samsung front load washer with CleanGuard and dryer with super speed dry set, $1,748 (reduced from $2,898)


The Samsung washer and dryer can be purchased separately. You'll save $500 each.

Extra-large capacity smart dial front load washer with MultiControl, $949 (regularly $1,449)


Smart dial electric dryer with super speed dry, $949 (regularly $1,449)


Looking for a top-loading washer? You can save $500 when you buy this super speed washer and smart steam electric dryer set from Samsung. Both appliances feature-integrated Wi-Fi, so you can remotely start or stop your cycle, schedule laundry, receive end-of-cycle alerts and more.

"What can I say about this washer and dryer set besides its the best that we've ever owned?" reviewed an enthusiastic customer who purchased the Samsung home appliance duo. "The washer and dryer have sleek, stylish designs and buttons and dial that are easy to use."

Samsung smart top-load super speed washer and smart steam electric dryer set, $1,498 (regularly $1,998)


The Samsung washer and dryer can be purchased separately.

Samsung extra-large capacity smart top-load washer with super speed wash, $829 (regularly $1,200)


Samsung smart electric dryer with steam sanitize, $749 (regularly $999)


This Samsung washer/dryer set with a brushed black finish is on sale right now. The higher-end washer and dryer have smart dial controls that learn and recommend your preferred washing or drying cycles. The dryer can dry a full laundry load in just 30 minutes.

Best washers and dryer deals in 2022, including huge discounts on Samsung

This laundry duo can be ordered direct from Samsung. It can also be purchased through your local Best Buy store. Best Buy is offering a deal on the washer and dryer set.

Samsung front-load washer and dryer set, $1,748 (reduced from $2,798)


Save $700 when you buy this smart washer and dryer set from Samsung. Great choices for busy families, both machines include AI-powered Smart Dial to learn your favorite washing cycles and recommend specific ones. Samsung's super speed wash and super speed dry features can finish a full load of laundry in 30 minutes.

The home appliance duo is highly rated by Samsung customers.

"I have had the pleasure of using both products the washer and dryer," wrote a Samsung customer who reviewed the set. "I love front load washing machines because it seems like they clean better, so this one with all of its tech features make(s) for a very good washing machine. They did a great job on the appearance as it's very modern looking and very sleek."

Samsung smart dial front-load super speed washer and electric dryer set, $1,598 (regularly $2,298)


This smart appliance can be controlled with the Maytag app. Use your phone or tablet to remotely start or stop the machine and get end-of-cycle notifications. The home appliance features a built-in water faucet and a deep-fill option, so you can soak dirty clothes before you wash them, or use the extra water to tackle tough stains.

"Hands down, the best washer I could ever imagine," wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the Maytag high-efficiency smart top-load washer. "This state of the art washer can be controlled from an app on my phone and sends me alerts when it's finished! My queen size comforter fits easily along with all of my sheets and pillowcases at the same time! Well worth the price, Maytag is the absolute best."

Maytag high-efficiency smart top-load washer, $880 (regularly $990)

$880atBest Buy

Best Buy carries a matching smart Maytag dryer that can also be controlled with the Maytag app. It's on sale, too.

Maytag smart electric dryer, $880 (regularly $990)

$880atBest Buy

Good news if you work from home: This Samsung washer uses vibration reduction technology for a quieter wash. That means no more laundry sounds drowning out your Zoom calls. Customers love that this self-cleaning washer includes 10 preset washing cycles and six additional washing cycles.

"This washing machine has a wide variety of settings for washing, which is great for a large family and lots of laundry to do," wrote a Samsung customer who purchased the washer. "The bedding and waterproof items setting are awesome! Without the center cylinder, things like this can tangle, but not so with this setting."

The washer is currently on sale at Best Buy and Samsung, though Best Buy has the better price.

Samsung front-load washer with vibration reduction technology, $700 (regularly $945)

$700atBest Buy$949atSamsung

Samsung also offers a matching dryer to complete your washer and dryer set. The dryer is on sale at Best Buy and Samsung.

Samsung electric dryer with sensor dry, $700 (regularly $945)

$700atBest Buy$949atSamsung

This more-than-six-foot-tall tower offers extra-large capacity washer and dryer chambers. The home appliance features AI technology to select the best wash and dry motions and settings.

"We've had this unit for a month, and are impressed more each day of use.The clincher was when we loaded it with TWO large items...a blanket and bedspread, and the washer never gave it a second thought.Dryer?Just as good!" raved a Best Buy customer in their review of the LG washer and dryer tower.

LG smart front-load washer and electric dryer WashTower, $2,300 (regularly $2,700)

$2,300atBest Buy

This LG package includes four items: the high-efficiency stackable smart front-load washer, the stackable smart gas dryer with steam and built-in intelligence, a laundry pedestal with storage drawer, and a SideKick six-cycle high-efficiency pedestal washer.

Both the LG washer and dryer use AI technology to detect your clothing and select the perfect settings for the best clean. The LG pedestal storage drawer will raise your front-loading appliances off the floor and provide more storage for stain sticks, detergent and dryer sheets. Never run out of room to do your laundry again. The LG SideKick pedestal washer is a small top-load washer that will help you finish your laundry chores.

LG high-efficiency stackable washer package, $3,577 (regularly $4,430)

$3,588atBest Buy

More washers and dryers

If you're willing to pay full price for a washer, dryer or washer dryer set, we found the best washers and dryers you can buy online.

LG 24" washer-dryer combo

An Amazon customer who bought the LG 24-inch washer-dryer raved about how much it can hold despite being small enough to fit in a closet. "This LG all in one is the best thing that has ever happened to me! You would be surprised at what this little all in one can hold to wash ... It will fit in a closet perfect as long as there is a water and drain source. It's a 110V plug so it's a standard outlet in US homes," they wrote.

The LG appliance uses ventless condensing to dry laundry without the need for external venting. It features six different wash motions and a TubClean cycle to sanitize the inside of your machine.

LG 24" washer-dryer combo, $1,689

Check stock now

LG front load washer and dryer combo

"This washer/dryer combo is perfect for an apartment or condominium. Much larger capacity than other models. Uses very little water and power," wrote an Amazon customer who purchased the LG front load washer and dryer combo.

LG front load washer and dryer combo, $1,815


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