Next month, a new season approaches and everyone’s got a little bit of spring cleaning to do around the home. Best advice? Get started early.

One of the most common household plumbing issues could be brewing right underneath your nose and can easily be fixed and prevented.

The frequent use of hard water from kitchen and bathroom faucets leads to wear and tear on the pipe components, meaning plumbing issues can appear at an unexpected time.

Trained technicians, such as the ones at Day & Night Air Conditioning and Plumbing, can often see more than what meets the typical household eye, but those residing in Arizona’s desert may have experienced one or two of the terrain’s four most common plumbing issues already.

There are quick fixes that can solve the problem, but it might only last temporarily.

Common plumbing issues in Arizona can easily be fixed and prevented Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing

If low water pressure begins to cause problems, residents can remove the aerator on the faucet and soak it in vinegar.

Water-tight rubber or silicone-based washers may be able to fix leaking faucets, screens can prevent slow or clogged drains and flushing the holes of a toilet could solve some troubles.

However, such fixes aren’t concrete solutions to every individual issue.

With knowledge in repairs, reconstruction and the use of technological equipment, it may be in your best interest to consider an expert.

Day & Night Air is a local company that can also tackle laundry room issues, backups in sewer lines and replace worn and broken parts.

The company offers a variety of specials to save on cleaning and installations.

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