With cleanliness standards integrating seamlessly into consumer’s lives, OEMs are turning to designing products that help mitigate pathogens and support cleaner daily habits.

Among the players within the design ecosystem seeking to ease that process, Design 1st, an Ottawa-based full-service product design-engineering firm has emerged as a go-to product design partner of choice for clients that deliver on this clean factor and others that are on a path to deliver new products that enhance air and water quality and eliminate pathogens to ensure the highest level of purity for the air, water and food we consume.

Design 1st announced it is successfully supporting the need for clients seeking product design partners with leading edge expertise in ultraviolet (UV) rays and other air and water purity technologies to support increased awareness in cleanliness among consumers.

Disinfecting by design – OEMs want sterile products

Team of Computer Engineers Lean on the Desk and Choose Printed Circuit Boards to Work with. Source: Getty Images

From entrepreneur to enterprise customers, Design 1stlends assistance through all stages of the product design and development process. Lending knowledge on new tech, product usability, materials and engineering with component supply risks, global manufacturing expertise and diverse supply networks, to provide an end-to-end ‘idea to product’ service. One area seeing an uptick in design demand this year is the ultraviolet (UV) sterilization market.


According to a research report analyzing the UVC Disinfection Products Market Outlook from 2021-2031, sales are expected to reach $30B+ by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 15.2% over the period. With Design 1st’s technical skillset in air and water filtration and UV technologies, they have become an ideal partner for companies looking to bring disinfectant solutions to market for personal, batch and continuous cleaning applications. Three dimensional imagineering of air, water and light flow behaviours requires experience and advanced tools to design new products in the sterilization markets.

“The global pandemic has ignited a shift in how people interact with everyday objects throughout their daily routine, from the air they breathe in a room, to the devices and surfaces they touch, to the food and water they consume each day,” said Matt Bailey, VP, engineering at Design 1st. “We’ve have been helping clients design and configure technologically challenging filtration and purification products for many years and it’s exciting for us to have the opportunity to tap into our deep experience in UV and fluid flow control to help turn these ideas into useful products for a variety of applications.”

Through the past year, Bailey says his firm been involved in the design process of multiple products that accurately measure air flow and sensing for multiple use cases. These include: