HQ17 is the perfect RV for luxury living. Its stylish and sophisticated design will make passengers feel like a celebrity on the road!

From the high-quality materials used in every build to the attention to detail in every inch of this vehicle, HQ17 was made with luxury and comfort in mind.

The Black Series is known for its superior quality and craftsmanship, and HQ17 will be the best RV on the road.

With all these features, it’s easy to see why this is the perfect choice for luxury living!

Let’s take a deep look at the interior of HQ17 introduced by the Black Series.

Design and Interior

Now, without further ado, let’s get started with this unique RV’s craftsmanship’s build, design, and interior.


Exterior Design and Features:

First, the RV has an impressive one-piece aluminum roof and roof hatch, which provides plenty of shade from the sun.

Second, it comes with high-quality Eurovision windows with fly screens and privacy shades.

That allows passengers to enjoy the scenery while keeping the bugs and sun out!

Third, it has a large pass-through storage area for all gear.

And fourth, the RV comes with an outdoor kitchen that includes a stainless steel slide-out sink, propane burner stove, and extensive prep area.

That is perfect for cooking up meals while on the road!


It comes with a queen bed, two bunk beds, and a convertible lounge for the interior.

Which provides plenty of sleeping space for up to six people!

Switches Control

Just next to the entry door on the right are three large switches.

When parked in an RV park, it is an excellent feature and doesn’t want any light shining into the neighbor’s window. Plus, all lights are powerful and energy-efficient LEDs thawet work on 12V.

Lounge and Bath

The wet bath is full of fiberglass with ventilation and a toilet. That is perfect for ones who want to avoid long lines at campgrounds!

The passage leading to the wet bath is through two swinging doors.

The sink faucet serves as a retractable shower head, and there are two hooks on the wall for towels.

A skylight and a ceiling vent fan assist in the removal of steam.

The lounge is a dinette with premium faux leather seating and an adjustable table.

It also converts into a sleeper, perfect for when a person wants to take a nap or have overnight guests!


The kitchen comes complete with a propane stove, sink, microwave, and fridge.

That allows passengers to cook meals while on the road!

The refrigerator is a Thetford/Dometic brand and has plenty of space for food.

The sink comes with a glass lid, allowing extra preparation space while cooking.

HQ17: The Luxurious RV Anyone will Love to Live In

The microwave is a six-gallon model with four functional features:

The kitchen also has a 24-inch TV with a DVD player.

That can come in handy while on the road, as it allows passengers to watch movies or play video games.

The TV is located above the sink so that all passengers can see it.

There is also a thermostat control for the 16,000 BTU heater and the silicon heat pad to prevent freezing on the available water tank.

That ensures that passengers will be comfortable while in the RV.

Finally, there is a drinking water spigot so that passengers can easily access clean water whenever needed.

Dining Area

The dinette area is a great place to relax and eat meals.

The seats are covered with premium black faux leather with the signature diamond stitch pattern.

The table can easily be converted into a fifth bed, perfect for accommodating extra guests.

Beneath one of the seats are four AGM batteries, which provide power to all of the caravan’s electronics and lights.

There’s also a complete battery cutoff switch, so one can easily power down the caravan when not in use.

Under the other dinette seat is the 2000W inverter, which drives power to the microwave and TV.

There is massive storage space beneath the seats for groceries or luggage.

Be sure to take advantage of the HQ17’s solar panels when parked in a sunny location; these panels will help charge the batteries.

Air Conditioning and Smoke Alarms

The RV also comes with the Dometic brand air conditioner (CALR241) and smoke alarms.

The air conditioner is lightweight, slim, efficient, and multi-cycle. It is also very economical!

The smoke alarms are wired and wireless, providing extra safety while on the road.

The RV also comes with a propane heater, perfect for those cold mornings.

Floors and Cabinetry

The flooring is wood vinyl, and the cabinetry comes in a beautiful modern timber finish.

This gives the RV a high-end feel unmatched by any other vehicle on the market!

The cabinetry is equipped with gas strut supports with push open travel-safe locks and soft close drawers.

That ensures that everything stays in place while traveling.

Leather Finish

The leather used in the interior is of premium quality and features a five-star finish. This gives the RV an ultra-luxurious feel that will make families/friends traveling feel like royalty!


The tri-lock security door comes with a locking fly screen for extra security. This ensures that passenger’s belongings are safe while the family is away!

Final Thoughts

The HQ17 is a tri-level recreational vehicle that will provide the perfect space for families and friends.

It has an impressive list of features, including skylight, ceiling vent fan, propane stove/sink combination, microwave with four operating modes (simple cooking, auto defrost function, combo/grill cooking), 16000 BTU heater, and silicon heat pad.

The available water tank to prevent freezing in cold weather; drinking water spigot provided by a 3-gallon jug mounted under the sink – all designed to ensure passengers are comfortable while traveling.

So, don’t wait and get this fully packed with features HQ17 by the Black Series.

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