With winter weather on the way, SPU has some helpful tips for Seattle residents on how they can prepare beforehand as well as what to do during inclement weather. Seattle may not be known for severe and relentless winter weather, but from time to time, winter storms can hit. A typical Seattle winter can see weather ranging from occasional ice and snow to the more intense winter weather system bringing a wintery mix that can last days. In any case, proper preparation and staying informed are the keys to keeping your cool this winter.

Protecting Your Pipes from Freezing

During periods when temperatures dip close to and below freezing, follow these tips to help ensure your pipes don’t freeze and burst, which can lead to major damage to your home.

Preparing for Seattle Winter Weather

An early warning sign of frozen pipes can be found by turning on the water at your tap. If only a trickle or no water at all comes out of the faucet, your pipes may be frozen.

If you believe your pipes have frozen, follow these steps to stay safe and minimize damage.

A burst pipe can be very scary. Follow these steps to minimize damage and get the situation under control as quickly as possible.

Solid Waste Collection Delays: Stay in the Know When Winter Weather Hits

If snow and ice are in the forecast, it could mean your solid waste collections will be delayed due to inclement weather. If this happens SPU will send notifications to impacted customers via the following methods:

For more information on other city-wide services, including updates on current services, interruptions, and alerts, visit any of these resources: