Heidi N Closet, are you in there?

Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent invite you inside their New York City crib in a new video for Architectural Digest.

The interior designer duo show off their favorite parts of the renovated West Village town house, where they live with cute children Poppy and Oskar, including gifted statement lamps, a custom kitchen faucet, and the hidden TV where Brent watches House Hunters every night before bed.

When @NateBerkus and @JeremiahBrent buy a new place, we know it's only a matter of time until AD gets to take a peek. Which means you can see, too: https://t.co/WnVmXOBJJI

— Architectural Digest (@ArchDigest) April 15, 2020

The Nate & Jeremiah by Design hosts also take us inside their shared closet—sorry, master dressing room—where smart storage meets a little sassiness.

See Nate Berkus and Hubby Have “Messy” Tiff in Their Closet

“So this was the only stress point that Nate had with this entire renovation, was the fact that were were going to share a dressing room again,” Brent reveals of the enormous space.

“He’s messy,” Berkus teases.

“I’m not messy!” Brent retorts, opening a cabinet door to reveal carefully labeled shelves. “This isn’t normal. Like I need somebody to label where my sweaters go.”

Not pictured here: the 10 people it took to get this portrait. Thanks @ArchDigest for making us look so+ the endless bowls of snacks for Oskar (genius!). Check out the May issue out now : Nicole Franzen | styling: Colin King | story by: Catherine Hong @JeremiahBrent pic.twitter.com/cASR0oOZKu

— Nate Berkus (@NateBerkus) April 18, 2020

“I can’t believe you’re actually showing everybody,” Berkus says, his neuroses on full display. “It’s a mess!”

“Yeah, you seem normal,” Brent says, sarcasm dripping. “I just have to step up my organization game, apparently.” Oh, married life. These two must be a real treat in quarantine!

Take the AD tour below. 

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