Of all the wonders in the $100 million Los Angeles mansion called "Opus" — from the subterranean pool to the Cristal Room — the feature that made my jaw drop was the $15,000 coffee maker.

Forget a Krups brewer or a DeLonghi cappuccino maker. The coffee at "Opus" comes from a sleek, stainless steel faucet on the bar counter — where creamy, perfect, rich coffee flows out like water from the tap. There are no buttons or knobs or filters. You simply tap your desired beverage on an iPad, and out it comes from the tap. All in 15 seconds.

This 0 million mansion has a signature feature: Gold

"Amazing right?" Nile Niami, the home's owner and developer told CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich." "I wanted the best coffee for the best house."

The coffee maker is from Denmark and is called the TopBrewer. With all its bells and whistles, it cost about $15,000, and doesn't just do coffee. The same faucet will give you tea, macchiato, coffee, decaf, hot water, cold sparkling water and any type of hot or cold milk. The TopBrewer is just one of the amenities that Niami included in Opus to make it one of the most advanced and lavish homes on the market. Built as a spec home, it's on the market for $100 million.

It's perched atop Beverly Hills with sweeping views of the LA skyline and spreads over 21,000 square feet — with gleaming white walls and floors and giant retractable glass. It's got an 85-foot infinity pool outside and another giant pool on the lower level — complete with a giant skylight and waterfall.

It also has loads of flatscreen TVs that drop from the ceiling and a movie theater and wine cellar. The spa has a secluded massage room with a "bubble wall" — like a giant fish tank with programmable bubbles.

But it's signature feature is gold. There is giant gold sculpture at the entrance, gold doors, and gold accents throughout. There is a gold "Cristal Room" with $200,000 worth of gold-covered Cristal Champagne. And the house comes with a gold Lamborghini and gold Rolls Royce Dawn. While today's rich have mostly abandoned gold for black or silver, the gold accents at "Opus" are done sparingly and in a modern way. Now all Niami needs is a gold-loving buyer who also appreciates a good cup of coffee — ordered from an iPad.