What's the difference between caravan cover and caravan insurance?

For the most part, caravan cover offers the same protection as caravan insurance; however, claims are handled on a discretionary basis, meaning your claim is discussed and viewed on an individual basis and payment or non-payment of a claim is not strictly tied to the terms and conditions of the cover.

Caravan Cover VS Caravan Insurance

As a product, our Caravan Cover protects you against financial loss should your caravan and/or its contents be lost, stolen or damaged in a similar way to how Caravan Insurance does. Because the Caravan and Motorhome Club is a club owned by the members that allow us to operate what is called a Discretionary Mutual scheme.

A discretionary mutual is essentially risk protection for a member organisation, where members pay contributions for cover into a ‘pot’ out of which claims can then be paid. This is similar to insurance; however, rather than an insurance company providing cover to the general public, a discretionary mutual product can only be available to members of a Mutual organisation such as the Club.