Denise Nolan has admitted her sisters are "gobsmacked" that she's finally released her first solo album.

The Nolan Sisters star, 69, has just released her first solo album For You, My Love, which was 40 years in the making and went straight to the top of the iTunes jazz chart.

Denise admitted the album had been hidden away at home for four decades before her agent heard it and said she had to release it.

Speaking to the Mirror's Jessica Boulton for a special Jess Saying Facebook Live, she said her famous sisters were "absolutely gobsmacked and chuffed to bits" to see her finally put it out there in the world.

She said: " Coleen text me and said she's so proud. My nieces went out to buy it straight away."

She's thrilled with the album but admitted that there were three tracks she's love to redo if she had the chance, as she recorded them so long ago.

Asked how she'll celebrate tonight, she joked: "I'm going to clean my flat.

"No, we're in London at the moment, my partner and I, he's a musician and is playing tonight."

She said she didn't have big plans to celebrate but that she'll definitely be getting together with her family in Blackpool soon as her 70th birthday is coming up.

Denise has been in the business since she was just nine-years-old, and of course found fame with her siblings as The Nolan Sisters.

Alongside Maureen, Anne, Linda, Bernie and Coleen, Denise began performing in the early 1970s, going on to have some huge hits including I'm In The Mood For Dancing.

Denise Nolan on solo 40 years in making, touring with Sinatra and sauna with Tom Jones

Looking back on their early career together, Denise admitted she and her siblings often "hated" the stage costumes they were made to wear and that she struggled to pick up the choreography for their routines as it would often be changed overnight.

During her candid chat, Denise also spoke about touring with Frank Sinatra, how she and her sister had "special singing knickers", sharing a sauna with Tom Jones and why their brothers never pursued a singing career.

Denise also discussed the famous feud between herself and her sisters, which saw them go years without speaking.

She said people would tell them to "get in a room and thrash it out" but that it wouldn't have worked for them.

Denise sorted things by inviting Coleen over for her partner's 70th birthday party, and that they never spoke about what had happened and put it behind them.

The singer also discussed the sad death of sister Bernie, who had cancer, and Linda and Anne's battles with the disease too.

She said that as a family of eight children, although they feel they've been unlucky they haven't, and that they've been lucky to get through the coronavirus pandemic.

"We lost Bernie that was the hardest thing of all, and I hope Linda stays years with this but Bernie was too young and had too much to give," she said.

"But people have gone through hell during Covid, whole families have been wiped out and they weren't able to sit there by their bedsides so we've been no more unlucky than anyone else."

Denise also made the heartbreaking revelation that the family recently lost their mum's sister, the last of their aunts and uncles.

* Watch Denise's full interview for Jess Saying here

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