Eddie Hall has lost more than 50kg for his boxing clash with Thor Bjornsson having been a career-high 200kg during his strongman career.

Hall has been training for over two years in preparation for settling his rivalry with fellow strongman Bjornsson in the ring in Dubai tonight and he has made a remarkable transformation since his days competing in lifting competitions, having won World's Stongest Man in 2017.

The British star used to consume around 12,000 calories in a huge record-breaking diet which he has admitted meant the majority of his day involved eating. However he has now adopted a new diet of around 7,000 calories which has been the primary factor in losing so much weight.

Now he eats significantly fewer calories which helped him on his way to a remarkable transformation. “In my strongman days I was consuming upwards of 12,000 calories a day,” he told Muscle and Health. “That was just a constant cow grazing. All-day from the second I woke up to the second I went to sleep I’d have meals. I was probably eating eight meals a day with snacks in-between and lots of liquids like high-calorie smoothies.

"Now, I have four square meals a day and five protein shakes in between to make sure I don’t dig too big a hole. I’d say I’m on roughly 6,000 calories a day right now. That’s half what I was eating when I was the World’s Strongest Man.”

Hall's typical eating day now begins with breakfast of steak and five scrambled eggs along with water and orange juice. He then has a second meal at lunch with two pieces of large chicken, rice and vegetables. A snack of granola with manuka honey and chocolate then follows.

Eddie Hall's diet and training which saw him lose 60kg for Thor Bjornsson fight

His boxing diet also involves a meal of chicken curry with vegetables before moving on to a dinner of a large chicken portion with potatoes, vegetables and asparagus. Before going to bed, Hall eats a range of snacks including further granola, honey and yoghurt.

This diet has been changed significantly from the one he followed when he weighed around 200kg - it previously consisted of eight regular meals to help fuel his intense weightlifting training sessions.

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The former World's Strongest Man has also embarked on a harsh new training plan with more focus on his boxing technique and skills alongside sparring professional and amateur fighters. His previous routine included training five days a week working on every part of his body including his chest and arms while improving mainly his strength and deadlifting ability.

Unlike his rival, Hall has not released much footage of his training but embarked on a two-year training camp which was interupted by a detached bicep last year. He has regularly sparred with professional fighters including Rob 'Big Red' Lamont.

“I was doing four weights sessions and five boxing sessions each week,” Hall continued. “That was just to make sure I kept my body big and powerful. Now, I’m doing two weights sessions, two swimming sessions, and five boxing sessions.

"Essentially, I’ve removed two weights sessions and added a bit more cardio and mobility work. The next few months aren’t about getting stronger or getting better at boxing. I’ve learned how to box, so now it’s all about keeping sharp, maintaining the muscle mass and making sure I don’t get any more injuries. It’s a case of making sure I peak on fight night."

His typical day consists of lifting weights in the morning for two hours before a boxing session in the afternoon which involves working on his technique, movement and endurance. He would then often spar between six and ten rounds at the height of his training camp.