Dash cams are all the rage in auto tech, and why not? They're far more than just a novelty; they're valuable pieces of evidence-collecting gear. From professional OTR drivers to nervous parents of freshly licensed teenagers, people are saving big money every day simply by turning on their dash cam.

Great Deals on Great Dash Cams

That said, dash cams definitely run the gamut in quality—and price. You could spend several hundred dollars for a top-flight unit or under $100 for a cheapo, but it's important to remember: When it comes to tech, you usually get what you pay for. Whichever one you choose, our advice is to check whether it comes with an SD card or needs additional batteries; many units, even pricey ones, require you to supply your own.

Here are some great deals on some great dash cams. We admit we haven't tried them all, but we trust them all to deliver the goods.

8 Dash Cams You Should Consider for Fun and Security