With more and more of us turning to online dating to try and find love, there are an increasing number of people finding themselves victims of catfishes when they think they've found the perfect partner.

A catfish is described as a person who pretends to be someone they're not on the internet, and they're often found on dating websites where they use misleading pictures to pose as someone else.

And one woman on TikTok knows all too well what it's like to deal with a catfish, as she recently went on a disastrous date with a man she'd met on Tinder - who turned out to be someone completely different.

Valeria Drovna, who is from the US, explained the bloke she matched with had "weird edits" on most of his pictures and bragged about his height, so she already had suspicions before meeting him in person.

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In the clip, which was posted to her @valeriadrovna account, she said: "I have to rant about the worst date I've ever been on and ask why men are such filthy little liars.

"So I met this guy on Tinder, we can call him Dan. All of his pictures were mirror selfies with weird edits and really that should have been my first red flag but hey, red's always been my favourite colour, so I kept talking to him.

"He eventually brings up how he's 6'1" which is completely irrelevant to me because I'm vertically challenged and I do not care, but aside from that comment, the conversation was okay, so when he asks to take me out and show me a good time, I say yes.

"He tells me that he's just moved to a city near mine and I agreed to meet halfway, but he rejects every restaurant I bring up over two days. Eventually, he says we have to try this one gelato place. So I say okay, sure. And I drove 35 minutes to go meet him."

When Valeria arrived at the location for their date, she was confused when she seemed unable to find Dan - until she realised she was looking for a completely different person.

And things only went from bad to worse when they went to get their gelato and Valeria's date acted completely inappropriately when he discovered how "unhealthy" the sweet treat was.

'I went on a date with a Tinder match - he catfished me and called me ugly'

She added: "When I get there, I get out of my car to look for him because he says he's already there, but I can't find anybody in the line or in the car park that looks anything like his pictures. So I texted him and I'm like, where are you? And I get a tap on my shoulder, turn around and am at eye level with a man who is a completely different race than the one I've been speaking to for the last couple of weeks.

"Instead of leaving, I go, Oh, I didn't recognise you. To which he goes, 'Yeah, women don't like brown guys. So I edit my pictures online.' To which I should have said no, sir, women don't like you because you're a liar. But I digress and I lined up for gelato with him anyway.

"He tells me to order first and doesn't offer to pay so I get a small lemon gelato. I look over at him and he goes, 'Don't worry, I'm going to pay for my own.' And we go sit down.

"He takes one bite of his gelato and goes 'oh, this is unhealthy for you.' And I go 'Yeah, it's chocolate.' He then stands up, throws his entire gelato into the trash can, and I sit and I wonder what I'm doing with my life."

Just when Valeria thought things couldn't get any weirder, she agreed to go for a walk with Dan who spent time ranting about his family and even found time to call his date "poor" for being interested in kayaking.

Valeria managed to end the date by rejecting Dan's offer to meet up again, and when she got home, she received a text message from him telling her she was "ugly anyway".

She said: "Because I want to finish my gelato, I agree to go for a walk along the docks. And the whole time he rants about how he hates his mother because she left him and how dating has never worked out for him before. But now it's okay because we finally found each other.

"To change the subject, I point out a kayak and say 'hey, I've always wanted to try that.' To which he goes, 'No, kayaks are for poor people.'

"I say I'm going to go back to my car because it's going to rain soon, and he says 'no, if you knew anything about the weather, you'd know that the clouds need to be going in the opposite direction, so you're going to keep walking.'

"To which I say sir, I'm now going in the opposite direction. I make it to my car, reject his second date offer, and then get a text saying I was ugly anyway when I get home."

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