Clarkson's Farm star Jeremy Clarkson says he has two wardrobes for when he is 'thin and fat'.

The former Top Gear host managed to lose a whopping two stone in 2019, but now says he refuses to get rid of his smaller clothes in case they fit him again.

Writing in his column for The Sunday Times he said: “"In my new house I even have two wardrobes - one for my thin clothes and one for those I can wear when I'm fat.

"In reality the thin clothes will never be anything more than nostalgic reminders of happier times, but you never know.''

Jeremy said in the past he would have got rid of the smaller clothes as soon as he put on weight, but now hangs onto them because 'in his mind' after he goes on his next diet he'll able to "fit in them again".

The Diddly Squat Farm owner, who said his 'fat wardrobe' is now his "everyday cupboard", said he turns down any invitation with a dress code as a result of his fluctuating size.

"What I do know is that I certainly don’t have a fat dinner jacket and a thin one. Which is why, nowadays, I simply decline all invitations to events that require a specialist dress code, ’’ he said.

The outspoken star lost an impressive two stone in 2019 making some big changes to his diet.

Jeremy, 61, said he was eating salad for lunch instead of steaks and was cutting down on the beer drinking.

Jeremy Clarkson has two wardrobes - one for 'thin clothes' the other for 'fat times'

And his inspiration to dieting comes from Her Majesty the Queen herself, who he says only eats forkfuls of food rather than a whole helping.

Jeremy told The Sun : "The Queen doesn't go to the gym and she doesn't run and she’s 93 and she’s all right."

The farm owner recently revealed he called 999 after spotting "travellers" on his property.

Jeremy said he called the police after a "couple of chaps" appeared on his drive asking for selfies.

The outspoken presenter, who runs Diddly Squat Farm in Oxfordshire, said he became suspicious of the men because there had been "a lot of burglaries locally".

However, when he called the police to report his concerns Jeremy said he was told he risked being reported for 'racist behaviour'.

The petrolhead said he had become concerned about the men because he'd seen a drone hovering around his property and had also just taken delivery of two puppies.

Admitting there was "something about them I didn't like the look of" Jeremy claims the men had introduced themselves as travellers.

The Grand Tour host said the police did go to his property, but that he was "fed up" with all the red tape.

"They want to fight crime, but their hands are tied by idiotic inclusivity and the need to make sure a burglar doesn't bang his head when getting into the Vauxhall," he said.

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