Linda Robson cried live on air during today's Loose Women after receiving a surprise birthday message from her young granddaughters.

The Birds of a Feather actress, who turned 64 yesterday, burst into tears as she watched granddaughters Lila and Betsy wish her a happy birthday.

In between tears, the panellist explained she won't see eldest Lila for a few days, saying: "She's just gone on a school journey today so I won't see her for a week."

The actress was also presented with flowers and cake by her fellow panellists Ruth Langsford, Nadia Sawalha and Carol McGiffin.

Due to her enthusiasm of being a grandma, Linda is known as Nanny Linda by her fans and looks after Lila and Betsy three days a week after school.

The star celebrated her birthday with family and friends at a plush restaurant- sharing snaps of the occasion on Instagram.

She was joined by mate Christopher Biggins and Birds of a Feather co-star Lesly Joseph.

Linda shared a sweet snap of Betsy blowing out the candles on her birthday cake and also posed with one of her gifts- a pink bag with the words Nanny Linda written on it.

Linda Robson bursts into tears on Loose Women day after turning 64

Last week, speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Linda responded to claims that she is estranged from Birds of a Feather co-star and lifelong friend Pauline Quirke, as well as chitter chatter that the entire cast of Loose Women are also chomping at the bit to take each other down.

"People say Pauline and I have fallen out," said Linda. "I couldn't see her during lockdown but I've seen her since. She just doesn't want to act anymore. She's had enough - it's long hours.

"She's concentrating on her drama academies. She's very hands on, going to classes and all that.

"I see Lesley [Joseph] all the time because we won Celebrity Coach Trip last year. And during the lockdowns I would leave funny things on her doorstep, like Tena Lady and hair dye!

"But when I was ill, both Pauline and Lesley rang me, or a member of my family, every couple of days to see how I was. They were both a big support and really there for me."

It'll be reassurance to the fans of the sitcom, who've spent 30-odd years invested in the highs and lows of Pauline and Linda's downtrodden Essex wives Sharon and Tracey Theodopolopodous (plus the rather different ups and downs of Lesley's maneating neighbour Dorien Green).

But it's Loose Women who have really been pitted against each other of late, with rumours of behind-the-scenes squabbles flying on social media.

"Just because it's a women's show people always ask 'Do we get on?'," said an exasperated Linda. "We do get on. They wouldn't ask that of a man about a men's show would they? We all meet up with each other all the time.

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