Lynsey Bennett has said she is weighing up two options about her next cancer treatment, one of which could be a "huge operation".

The mother-of-two has recently come home to Ireland after spending several weeks at a specialist facility in Germany undergoing treatment.

The Longford native shared how she had made great progress with the treatment as she continues to battle cancer after first being diagnosed in 2017.

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In an update to her 59,000 Instagram followers on Thursday, Lynsey revealed she has an important decision to make about her next step.

One of these is a "life-altering" operation, while the other is pinpoint radiation on her lymph nodes.

She said: "Waiting room selfie hospital yesterday in Dublin, it’s been six weeks, and while I was away they had another meeting to talk about the option of surgery again. I absolutely love my oncologist in the Beacon and her secretary and team.

"I am so grateful for their help and trying to work out [the] way they feel they can help me even if it’s one I reject.

Lynsey Bennett facing huge decision as she considers 'life-altering' cancer treatment

"Yesterday talked about removing everything that’s in the next picture (reason there’s a white squiggle on uterus is because it’s already gone).

"This would be a HUGE operation and life altering, and also taking a lot of parts of me which are good and in full health…. for me I had my hysterectomy operation imagine within 6 months I knew cancer was back, so operating still the problem returned so to go through the risk of hopefully making it through through the operation to mentally dealing with what had been done for me when I am the amazing way I am from a trip from Germany feels wrong.

"It’s trying to remove one problem (tumour in bowels) while recreating even more problems. That even by doing the surgery the original problem can start somewhere else."

Lynsey added: "Which it is in the lymph which even though you wouldn’t usually zap lymph nodes with radiation could try but then I’ll be missing parts of me that would be good for helping me recover better.

"Pinpoint radiation on lymph nodes (which would be extremely more localised than radiation I’ve had in the past) I had begged for over a year ago (in the early days of Nov 2020) another hospital (before found Mexico etc) and I was told can’t be done by the specialist in that hospital so I would really need to sit down and speak with other radiation specialist.

"Out of the two options it would be the one I would be more willing to try and then be able to go get a boost in the clinic abroad to build up after it, then radiation only worked for 18 months."

Lynsey was previously told by doctors last year that she had just six to eight months to live but she has since left medics amazed by her progress.

However, she revealed last month that her tumours have recently grown and that she has "lots of bad days" while living with cervical cancer.

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