He's the controversial 51-year-old businessman who created a site hooking up rich sugar daddies with young women.

She's the 21-year-old economics student that won his heart - and seemingly his trust too.

Infamous for announcing love was "invented by poor people" Brandon Wade, 51, never expected to find 'the one'.

But it seems now he's met his soulmate - 21-year-old Dana Rosewall, who had a profile on his website SeekingArrangement.

So sure is the thrice-married millionaire that he's pledged to waive his right to divorce when he weds again this year.

Brandon, who lives with Dana in Las Vegas said: "Mine and Dana's love is eternal, timeless and transcends this life.

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"Marriage was a significant event and we wanted to send a message to the world.

"This isn’t a stunt, this is a huge commitment."

Before meeting Dana, Brandon says he spent most of his adult life believing love was "not real."

But the 21-year-old opened his eyes after they connected on his own site.

He said: "She said love is the only thing you should be attached to in this reality. We realised that no matter what, even if I lost every cent tomorrow, as long as I was with her on this journey to explore love, I would be okay.

"I didn’t feel this attachment to our wealth, as we will always be there for each other.

"Neither of us wanted to get married when we first met, but we decided to do it because we finally understand what love is.

Millionaire, 51, who said ‘love was for poor people’ set to marry 21-year-old

"And now that we understand it, there is no reason for a divorce, so I am going into marriage later this year waiving my right to have one."

Planning to exchange vows "somewhere in nature" later this summer, there will be no prenup, as Brandon says there will be no need, as he plans to never divorce.

The arrangement will see them sign a waiver that will state that they will "give up" their right to divorce.

A month after spending his 50th birthday all alone in the summer of 2020, as the pandemic raged around the world, Brandon received a DM from Dana.

After speaking for four hours, he asked her if he could fly out to Orlando, Florida, where she lived, so they could have a meal together.

He said: "My connection with Dana was so strong from the beginning. Our first conversation lasted hours and the next day I flew out to Florida to see her.

"She told me she would show me what love really is."

The past year has been a transformative one for the pair, with Brandon finally realising how his ego had caused him to become deeply unhappy.

He admitted: "I was chasing wealth, success and women in the wrong places. But I was deeply unhappy. I had all these negative thought patterns.

"Once I started to dig down inwards, it was an abyss. Dana has shown me that true love requires understanding, compassion and giving with good intentions."

After proposing in early January 2022, the couple now hopes to tie the knot later this summer.

Dana, who says she used SeekingArrangement as she was looking for someone with a "successful mindset" is delighted to have found the husband of her dreams.

She said: "When he asked me to marry him I said yes immediately. Everything about our relationship just makes sense, I just want to be around him.

"But nothing about our relationship is typical. We have a big age gap, people always look at us. I tell people to spend five minutes with us before forming an opinion. It won’t be what they expect it to be. Our love is genuine."

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