Banter from a barber’s shop in Motherwell will be shared with the rest of the country in a fly-on-the wall TV show this weekend.

The Singing Barber Gentleman’s Club in Merry Street is to feature in another series of the BBC Scotland show Mirror Mirror.

The programme captures candid conversations secretly filmed behind the mirror of Scotland’s hairdressers, and the first episode airs this Friday night (June 5).

Barbers Euan Russell and Ian Ross star in Friday’s episode as BBC cameras pick up small chat between hairdressers and their clients from all over the country.

These are definitely not your typical conversations and, in the first few minutes of episode one, Ian gets things rolling by telling a customer a story about a seagull ripping a man’s testicles off.

Not to be outdone, Euan is filmed making a confession to one of his regular customers, a guy called James from the East End of Glasgow.

The young barber had a lot weighing on his mind, and decided to offload his guilt while standing with a comb in one hand and his hair clippers in another.

Motherwell barber's shop stars in new series of fly-on-the wall TV show Mirror Mirror

“There was a massive spider in my shower and when I put the water on I saw it struggling,” said Euan. “It was trying to get up, and I felt terrible.

“I hate them as well. I’ve actually sprayed them with Lynx (deodorant) and everything, killing them the worst way possible…but seeing that spider struggle, it was terrible.”

The BBC will be screening Mirror Mirror every Friday night over the coming weeks and months, featuring hairdressers from all over Scotland.

In Shetland, a young woman tells her male hairdresser that she has got an obsession with handbags and has collected around 30 of them.

He responds by telling her that he collects Shetland Ponies – and has 80 of them. He added that he trims their hair and puts conditioner in it, of course.

The conversation between a Glasgow hairdresser and her client is too explicit for a family newspaper, with some below the belt comments captured on film.

Strangely, the BBC cameras are also rolling in a white Transit van parked in Dunfermline where a man runs a mobile barber business.

One of his regular customers is a local guy who reveals he invested in some property – a former nuclear bunker – which he now lives in after converting it into a home.

Watch the Motherwell lads on Mirror Mirror this Friday at 10.30pm on BBC Scotland.