Project manager Dave Cooke said: “No-one wants to break down or run out of petrol on the motorway, let alone doing so within the confined spaced of a construction zone with narrow lanes.

“The driver we spotted stopping to adjust his door mirror in lane three of our roadworks is an extreme example of someone needlessly putting themselves at risk, but all drivers should exercise extra awareness and caution driving through motorway roadworks.

“This includes making sure they have enough fuel for journeys and keeping their vehicle well maintained with regular checks of things like tyres.”

Motorist gets out of car on M6 to adjust wing mirror

Meanwhile, progress on the scheme is continuing apace – with works now more than 50 per cent complete.

The scheme began in March last year and covers a 10-mile stretch of the motorway between Warrington and Wigan.

Mr Cooke added: “Since the project started, we’ve focused on getting the central reservation ready to install a concrete barrier.

“This has now been completed north of junction 23, and last month we adjusted the roadworks so we can start work in the hard shoulders.

“A lot of the work we have been doing has been out of sight as we were installing new drainage and ducts for cabling and so on, but the photos show how much we’ve actually achieved in the last year.

“With heavy plant and some deep excavations in the central reservation the images are also a reminder why we have barriers and a 50mph speed limit in place to protect drivers passing through the roadworks.”