It's not uncommon to find yourself clashing with your neighbours over things like noise complaints and where you put your wheelie bin, but most of us will be as cordial as we can to those living beside us - even if we don't get along.

But one woman on Reddit has found herself at loggerheads with her new neighbours after they consistently failed to clean up after their children and created a mess of bikes, scooters, and balls lying in the middle of the road.

The woman, who posted her story anonymously, explained she lives in a housing compound made up of 10 families, and while most of her neighbours are "very polite", the new arrivals have been disrupting the balance.

She said: "I live in a compound with 10 houses altogether. Four weeks ago a new family moved into the only remaining empty unit. They have 2 small children; a boy around 8 and a girl around 6.

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"All the kids that already lived here play on the main road that runs through the compound as it is private access only and therefore relatively safe. But they always make sure to stay away from driveways and not hit anyone’s car with their football/tennis ball/shuttlecock etc. It’s nice seeing the kids play together after school and they are all very polite and move out of the way if someone is driving through the street.

"However, this new family leaves their toys including scooters and bikes and even a cricket bat lying in the middle of the road. The kids also throw their balls into garages."

The mum even claims the children have "thrown bits of pebble" at her windows at night and woke up her two-month-old baby in the process.

She initially confronted the parents about their kids' behaviour but nothing has changed - so she's now reported them to their landlord along with video proof.

'My neighbours never clean up after themselves - they're angry I reported them'

She added: "They have snuck up my driveway right next to my windows and thrown bits of pebble at the window and then screamed when my husband went to check what was going on, which woke up my 2 month old newborn.

"After 3 weeks of this, I went to the new neighbours and asked them to keep their kids under control. The wife told me their nanny cleans up after the kids (which she doesn’t do outside or I would never see bikes everywhere), so there is no problem.

"I got frustrated and started taking photos every time the new kids left a mess and blocked the road. I sent that, along with a video of them sneaking into my garage and driveway, to the landlord who said he would take care of it."

Since sending the proof to the landlord, the neighbours have been "better behaved" - but are furious that an anonymous person reported them.

The woman said: "I noticed that they have been better behaved this week and casually brought it up with my other neighbour, who said that the new neighbours had received a warning from the landlord and were angry that someone had reported them.

"Now I am wondering if I should have tried to talk to them again instead of just straight away reporting them."

Commenters on the Reddit post were firmly on the mum's side though, as many of them pointed out she'd already tried talking to her neighbours and was dismissed - leaving her with no other choice but to go to the landlord.

One said: "You talked to them once and the mom brushed you off. If you exclude the mess they are making, they are still throwing stuff at your house deliberately which could break something. These kids are old enough to know better."

While another added: "You did talk to them. It went in one ear and out the other. Reporting it to the landlord was the proper thing to do."

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