Noah Cyrus is no longer just Miley Cyrus’ little sister — she has built her own platform through a successful music career! And although her talent is impressive, the singer also looks super sexy in any bikini she wears.

The “End of Everything” singer even posts some risqué photos every now and then to her Instagram. Aside from just rocking a swimsuit, Noah occasionally poses shirtless and braless.

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In one flaming hot picture, the former Hannah Montana child actress covered her chest with her hands and flashed her sparkling silver thong bottoms. She complemented the striking ensemble with glittering, knee-high heeled boots.

“Lost film from the Grammys,” she captioned the post in November 2020.

And since Noah likes to embrace her southern roots, the “All Falls Down” artist sometimes completes her bikini ensembles with cowgirl boots or a hat. Upon releasing her collaboration with PJ Harding, Noah shared an Instagram carousel post, featuring images of her wearing a green and white, multi-patterned two-piece with white lace-up, knee-high heels.

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“I give you one [piece] of my secrets, like religion to believe in,” Noah captioned her striking post in March 2021.

Fans, of course, noticed her natural curves and fit figure and they flooded the comments section with praise.

“Damn, she has a fantastic body,” one Instagram user wrote. “You ROCK that bikini,” another chimed in.

Despite her outward confidence, Noah has openly discussed how she previously wanted to “hide [herself]” in a March 2020 interview with Popbuzz.

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“I felt a little bit uncomfortable in my own body because I felt like a lot of people were judging it,” the American Horror Stories actress admitted. “There’s a lot I would tell my younger self now — just like about growing up and insecurities. You’re going to learn and you’re going to go through [things] that kind of make you sad.”

She also opened up about how she handles social media trolls, which unfortunately comes with being famous for many celebrities.

“I’ll see things that I used to see online [when] I was a kid that made me really upset,” Noah said at the time. “But it’s kind of different now, you know? I kind of know how to ignore what people are saying online.”

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