“Trojena will redefine mountain tourism for the world by creating a place based on the principles of ecotourism, highlighting our efforts to preserve nature and enhance the community’s quality of life. [It] will be an important addition to tourism in the region, a unique example of how Saudi Arabia is creating destinations based on its geographical and environmental diversity.”– Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

With an indoor ski area that will open in the near future at the Mall of Saudi in Saudia Arabia, the country is thinking is bigger. Much bigger. Middle East Eye reports that the Middle Eastern country is planning on building a new outdoor ski resort at 2600 meters(8530 feet) above sea level. Whether it snows there, or if they’ll need to make man-made snow is uncertain. Some of the activities will include “year-round outdoor skiing, a wellness resort and an interactive nature reserve” The ski resort will be based around NEOM, a new megacity that could become thirty-three times larger than New York City. Some of the features of the city will include a vertical village with stunning architecture and an almost three-kilometer(nearly two miles) man-made freshwater lake. These plans are part of Vision 2030, in which Saudi Arabia plans on building futuristic cities and other interesting projects.

Social media users were rightfully puzzled by the plans. As shown below, many users are confused as to why the ads would include possible feats like shredding uphill at insane speeds. Then there’s the vertical village, where the mirrors could become blinding “death rays” if you are in its direction, and drew comparisons to Mario Karts’ infamous Rainbow Road course. So is it possible this actually happens? I have no clue. The ski resort is hoping to open in 2026. Saudi Arabian officials are hoping to achieve “700,000 visitors and 7,000 permanent residents by 2030.” It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for them.

Saudi Arabia's Planned Ski Resort Looks Architecturally Impossible

Did I just watch a guy snowboard up a mountain? https://t.co/c5rmXWn8bG

— Goated Individual (@_Bad_Infinity) March 3, 2022

With all that angled mirror glass, there'll be solar death rays bouncing back and forth making 20 Fenchurch Street look like a toy walkie-talkie and crossing a bridge like an episode of Squid Game… https://t.co/G8QBhsASAX

— The Paul Rudolph Institute for Modern Architecture (@PaulRudolphInst) March 3, 2022

Image/Video Credits: NEOM