Alphonse Elric is hard to miss – he's a walking, talking suit of armor, his soul bound in place by a blood seal. On a quest to get his body back after a failed attempt at human transmutation, he's always by his older brother Edward's side as the two forge ahead, desperate to restore each other to normal.

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Despite his appearance, Al is sometimes overlooked in personality when compared to his louder, more impulsive brother. However, when he does speak, he always has something essential to say. This cat-loving alchemical prodigy is equally influential to Edward when it comes to his quotes in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

10 His Brother's Keeper

After a battle with Scar in East City, Ed's automail is in shambles and Al's armor is almost destroyed. Al is furious that Ed was willing to let Scar kill him instead of trying to run away and live.

In an atypical moment of anger, Al calls Edward out for giving up after Nina's death under the pretense of saving him. He forcefully states that the only way to truly save him is to live and discover a way to restore their bodies. It's a powerful declaration that also shows how much Al cares for his brother and can't imagine going on without him, beyond just getting their bodies back.

9 Words Of Encouragement

When Sheska transcribes a copy of Dr. Marcoh's research notes from memory, she saves the day for Ed and Al who thought they were forever lost in the fire at Central Library's First Branch. However, Sheska doesn't realize what an important role she's played, referring to herself as a "pathetic mess."

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Alphonse disagrees with Sheska's take on herself, and his words to build her self-esteem are wonderful advice – people have a wide variety of passions and talents, all of which can be put to good use. Her love of reading and photographic memory lead to her being hired by Colonel Hughes to rewrite all the lost materials, potentially saving many important military records. Al is the first one to help her see her value.

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8 Self Conscious Teenager

Ed and Al sneak into the Fifth Laboratory to try and find out about the military's involvement in creating Philosopher's Stones. Ed crawls in through an air vent but Al is left outside because he's too big to fit through.

Al says this in response to Ed remarking on his size. It's both sweet and a bit sad, serving as a reminder that Alphonse, underneath his armor, is just a self-conscious 14 year old who is in his current form due to immense trauma. It's also funny when contrasted with Edward, who frequently obsesses over how small he is and attacks anyone who calls him short.

7 Full Of Wonder

After witnessing the birth of a baby in Rush Valley, Ed and Al excitedly tell their alchemy teacher, Izumi Curtis, about the experience. Alphonse, taken by the bravery of the mother and everyone helping her, makes this joyful declaration.

This quote is poignant because Alphonse is trapped in a cold, hard suit of armor. He's unable to eat, sleep, or feel any kind of physical sensation, and had to overcome the fear that he was never human at all. Seeing a baby being born is a blessing for him because it's a reminder that he came from the same place and is still human, even if it feels otherwise in his current form.

6 Taking No Prisoners

While sweeping in front of the Curtis's butcher shop, Greed's gang of chimeras lure Alphonse away, trying to convince him to come with them. In a moment of calculated innocence, Al states that his teacher says not to go with strangers, and the chimeras tell him he's old enough to think for himself.

Sassy Al rarely makes an appearance, but when he does, he slays. This sarcastic response is accompanied by Al kicking the chimera Dolcetto in the face, showing that while Alphonse is generally courteous, he's also smart and won't be played for a fool. It provides a look at both his sense of humor and his confidence in his abilities, weaving new layers of depth into one of the fan's favorite characters.

5 Guardian Armor

When Lust convinces Lieutenant Hawkeye that Colonel Mustang is dead, she's ready to give up and be killed herself. But Alphonse won't let that happen. He shields her until Mustang arrives and kills Lust.

One of the few good things about being a suit of armor is how sturdy Alphonse is – as long as his blood seal isn't destroyed, he won't die, even if his armor breaks. But that doesn't mean he's invincible. Watching the typically stoic Hawkeye break down and choose death is too much for Al. This quote exemplifies his bravery and willingness to put himself in harm's way for a friend.

4 Stealing Hearts

When Mei suggests that Alphonse in his human form must look just like Edward, an indignant Al lists all the ways he's different from his brother, from their physical features to Al's more polite, considerate nature.

In this charmingly over-the-top moment, Mei decides she has a crush on Alphonse. The irony of Al telling Mei he doesn't have a temper while flaring up at her even suggesting that he's like Ed is hilarious, and shows in the sweetest of ways that while he is more refined than his brother, he still has some maturing to do. Mei, for her part, is thoroughly smitten and the first hints of romance between her and Al are dropped here.

3 For The Voiceless

A wounded Heinkel reveals to Al that he has a Philosopher's Stone, unknowingly taken from Kimblee in Baschool. He urges Alphonse to use it against Pride and Kimblee, stating that the souls inside would want a chance to fight, even if their bodies are no more.

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Alphonse and Edward are opposed to using the Philosopher's Stone, due to it being made through human sacrifice. However, Heinkel's words allow Al to see the stone in a new light. The people in it are trapped but they still have individual wills, and by using it, he's giving them a voice. When Al accepts the stone, he knows that he's empowering the people inside of it. They're all fighting as one.

2 No Greater Love

Father is weakened and looking for souls to consume, and Edward is right in front of him, his automail arm destroyed and his other arm held in place by a piece of rebar. Al sacrifices his own soul to bring Ed's missing arm back, allowing him to break free and keep fighting.

This line represents everything Al's fought for. He always wanted Ed to go on living, no matter what happened to him, and his goal was to restore Ed's arm and leg, as Ed wanted to restore Al's body. Here, Al is able to achieve all of these objectives at once. It's not a drawn-out goodbye because it doesn't need to be. Al says it all in this one statement.

1 Always More To Discover

With the Promised Day behind them and their bodies (mostly) restored, Ed and Al's next adventure awaits. While visiting with Gracia and Elicia Hughes, Al explains this new principle of alchemy he and Ed have hypothesized and are ready to prove.

This theory not only reflects Edward's sacrifice of his alchemy to bring Al back, but it also mirrors the support that the Elrics have received along their journey. With this line, Alphonse lets viewers know where the brothers are headed next while touching on how grateful they are for everyone who helped them get to where they are now.

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