SPY unveils reflective kinetic sculpture

urban artist SpY introduces ‘reflection’, his latest kinetic sculpture made of 20 surveillance mirrors. set in madrid, spain, the reflective installation generates a replicated universe that evolves with the different variations of movement and position of the spectators through reflection. through this piece, SpY explores the way that passers-by interact with their own reflection. at the same time, he looks into the relationship between the viewers and their environment, while experimenting with different levels of privacy.

urban artist SpY unveils his first kinetic sculpture made of 20 surveillance mirrors

all images courtesy of ruben p bescos

ever-changing documentation

‘this kinetic sculpture is a kind of unavoidable vigilance in which we find ourselves and in which other spectators will inevitably also be reflected along with the surroundings,’ SpY shares. made up of 20 convex traffic mirrors, the piece addresses concepts like individuality, distortion of reality, visibility, and privacy.

the mirrors encourage the spectator to face his/her reflection, which has appears momentarily on the surfaces of the ever-changing installation. the mobile devices document both the individuals and the urban surroundings in one way or another. in this documentation, the image of the spectator’s reflection is distorted, repeated, and multiplied, thus enhancing the impact of the installation and the effect it generates.