After diplomatic talks in Turkey ended without a breakthrough, the war between Russia and Ukraine looks set to continue for some time, leading to more loss of life and people fleeing their homes.

As we enter the fourth week of Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the Russian president has sent many young soldiers into Ukraine. With thousands of casualties already reported - and more to come as the war goes on - where is the Kremlin leader himself?

Unlike the leaders of other countries who reside in governmental offices like the White House and Number 10, Putin doesn’t live at the Kremlin. Instead, he could be holed up in one of his eight luxury properties...

Putin usually resides in the Grand Kremlin Palace, which is located in western Moscow.

The palace, which has been the official residence of Russia's president since 1911, is a lavish building in the Cathedral Square of Moscow within the Kremlin complex, which spreads across 69 acres of land.

The palace is surrounded by 1.5 miles of walls that are 21 feet thick for security, for which Putin is notorious. He also has the estate guarded by an elite military called the Presidential Regiment.

Besides the Kremlin Palace, there are several other properties where he could be hiding out in fear of an assassination attempt.

Multiple reports suggest that Putin has a secret Black Sea home. The enormous property boasts various lavish facilities, including a casino with a lap-dancing bar, helipad, church and theatre.

The home, which is located near the coastal town of Gelendzhik and is surrounded by a no-fly zone is also said to have a huge master bedroom and another dozen guest bedrooms.

A well-known property owned by Putin is Bocharov Ruchey, which the Russian president uses as an official summer residence..

Where is Vladimir Putin now as Russia's devastating Ukraine invasion enters fourth week

The enormous stone home, which is spread across 40 acres of land, is located in Sochi and is popularly referred to as 'dacha Putin'.

Putin has hosted several world leaders at this plush mansion, which reportedly cost almost $1 billion.

The Konstantin Palace in St Petersburg was formerly owned by the Romanov family, the last imperial dynasty to rule Russia.

The apartment building, which Putin owns, is located on an island in the Gulf of Finland and is said to serve as a conference centre and presidential residence.

Novo-Ogaryovo is the estate Putin reportedly calls home. Located in the west of Moscow, the main house was built in the 1950s by order of former leader of the Soviet Union Georgy Malenkov, but he was removed from power before he actually got to use it.

Though he doesn't own it, Putin had the building renovated in 2000, erecting six-metre high walls around it. He has spent so much time at this estate during his tenure that it has become his unofficial residence.

Another property widely linked to Putin is a government-leased apartment in Moscow, the address of which is publicised as Akademika Zelinskogo Street 6.

He is generally thought to use this space for work purposes, including meetings with a number of leaders.

One of Putin's more recent presidential homes is Yantar in Kaliningrad, completed in 2011.

Besides this he also has another summer residence in the Novgorod Region, which goes by three different names -Valdai, Uzhyn, and Dolgie Borody.

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