A woman has sparked a fierce debate online over her unusual restaurant habit.

The woman posted a video on her TikTok ( @princessmurdaa1 ) of a bowl of prawn pasta she'd ordered at a restaurant, alongside a steaming glass of hot water.

"Does anybody know why I get hot water every time I go out to eat?" she asked users.

In the video, which quickly amassed more than 164,000 views, she confirmed that the purpose of the hot water is to disinfect her cutlery before she uses it, to ensure that it's clean.

And it started quite the debate in the comments.

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Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 11,300 times and has racked up hundreds of comments from people who admitted they understood the reason behind it.

"I do this every time," admitted one person.

While another put: "Now that I think of it, I think I’ll bring my own. Didn’t realise how dirty silverware is till now."

Woman orders a glass of hot water with every meal out and people are confused

Someone else said they ask for lemon and salt too so they can use them to scrub the cutlery with.

And even former hospitality staff agreed it made sense.

"I was a server at Red Lobster, why did everyone do this?" they wrote. We'll be rolling silverware bare hands I don't blame you."

"I worked at a restaurant before, I can promise you they don’t clean the silverware right," another poster wrote.

"Silverware be dirty [as f**k] with food still on it and given to customers like that."

But others saw the step as unnecessary, as one person said: "Girl that's how they clean them in the back just ask for plasticware."

Another put: "To annoy servers that's why."

A third commented: "Hot water does not clean your silverware and it's annoying for you to ask for it."

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