Promising reviews:"My son had thick 4c hair and this is a heaven sent product!!!It works instantly and makes his hair so soft and easy to work with!!This is amazing for 4c moms! Thank you so much!!!! (Pictured above, top right.)" —Virgin Apple Beauty

39 Parenting Products You'll Totally Wish You'd Known About Sooner

"I have a 2-1/2 year old biracial daughter with 3b/3c hair. I've always been conscientious about keeping her hair healthy, which means I've unintentionally bought mostly products that 'strengthen' and 'protect' hair. So her hair has always been easy to detangle and had minimal breakage, but it's never really been 'soft.' I set out to see if there was something I could add to our routine to help with that, andoh my goodness did this product deliver! She's a toddler, so her hair still gets frizzy, tangled, and dry, but even her frizzes are soft! (Pictured above, bottom right.)" —jhtarheel84

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