Picture this: You're a mega-rich celebrity living in the roaring '90s or early aughts. You just earned millions licensing your hit single to Now That's What I Call Music, you're about to be in a major blockbuster movie, and that Princess Diana beanie baby your mom got you as a kid is worth over $100k. In other words, you're rich AF. So, question: what do you spend your money on?

A) a casual $2 million humidifier

40 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Purchases of All Time

B) a reasonably priced $17,000 mattress

C) some Louis Vuitton trash cans

If your answer is secretly D) all of the above, congrats! You have a ton in common with several of your favorite celebrities, most of whom appear to quite literally have more money than they know what to do with based on the truly deranged things they've purchased. On that note, check out 40 of the most expensive celebrity purchases of all time, from private helicopters, to iconic movie props, to tickets to outer space (hi, Ashton Kutcher).

Also, for those of you who thought the plot of Schitt's Creek was pure fiction, one of the celebs on this list spent $20 million on a random town and then went bankrupt. And that's not even the weirdest purchase we cover 'cause two other celebs spent over $10,000 on literal mattresses. Anything for a good night's sleep, ya know? Kay, enjoy this roundup of the finer—and in some cases most questionable / confusing—things in life!