Myth: You can have an orgasm from penetrative sex

Truth: Most women and people with vulvas (more than 75%) report that they do not orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex. And the reason behind that is that the female equivalent of a penis is not the vagina, it’s the clitoris. Most people cum from stimulating their clitoris, not from penetration.

Myth: You need to find your G-spot to enjoy sex

Truth: The G-spot may or may not exist. Essentially, it’s not a magic button located somewhere inside your vagina. It’s probably a sensitive area on the upper wall of your vagina. If you curl your fingers up, insert them into your vagina, and do the ‘come hither’ motion on the front wall of your vagina, you might encounter an area that feels more pleasurable than the rest of the vaginal canal. Scientists think this area may be your internal clitoris, which is why it feels good. But it’s still your clitoris. So stop obsessing over the G-spot and enjoy your clitoris.

Busting sexual health myths with Dr Cuterus

Myth: Pubic hair is bad and needs to be waxed

Truth: Pubic hair is healthy and keeps you safe from friction. Waxing is a very violent way to remove pubic hair. If you really do want to keep it short, trim it. But all said and done, pubic hair is not dirty, and you don’t need to remove it.

Myth: You can get a UTI or STI from a toilet seat

Truth: Nope, this is a common myth. Obviously it’s a good idea to wipe the seat before you sit on it (lest you sit on someone else’s pee, which is icky) but you can’t catch a UTI or STI from the seat—that’s because your vulva and peehole are not in direct contact with the seat. That’s what’s required for germs on the seat to get into you and cause an infection.

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