A mum-of-seven says she is in a state of "constant fear" after a ceiling collapsed in her "death trap" Adra house. Sonia Rowlands says she has been "begging" North Wales' largest social housing provider to carry out repairs to the property on Ffordd Ysgubor Goch in Caernarfon for more than two years.

Sonia claims her living room ceiling collapsed in June 2020 and although it was repaired in June 2021, she feared a second collapse with a matter of months. In November 2021, just five months after it was repaired, cracks and holes appeared in Sonia's living room ceiling for a second time.

She claimed Adra visited the property after she reported the second partial collapse in late 2021 and attached several wooden planks to the ceiling, but this is yet to be permanently fixed. Sonia said "temporary fixes" inside the property are affecting her family life, as she is concerned for their welfare but also feels unable to "make a house a home."

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Adra said it was only notified of the latest issues involving the property in November 2021. A spokesperson insists the safety of their tenants "is a priority" and repairs will be carried out in line with "usual repairs timescales".

It is understood that work was carried out to repair the first ceiling collapse in June 2021. You can view a gallery of images from inside Sonia's house here.

But Sonia says the state of the home, which she says is filled with mould and damp is affecting her family's well-being. And although some work has been carried out, she claims chasing the repairs have "had a huge effect on our life."

She told North Wales Live: "I've been begging them (Adra) for two and a half years to come here and fix my house but there's still so many problems. There's damp in every room, there's cracks in the ceiling and outside, the walls and ceilings are collapsing - the entire house is falling apart.

"Two years ago someone came here to look at a crack in my ceiling and they said it would be fine for a couple of weeks, but the next morning my partner got up and found the living room ceiling had collapsed. All I kept thinking is what if one of my kids got up in the night to go to the toilet, that could've killed them.

Caernarfon mum-of-seven in 'constant state of fear' after ceiling collapse in 'death trap' Adra home

"I'm not sleeping at night now because I keep thinking I'll go downstairs and my living room ceiling's going to be on the floor. It's a nightmare."

Two of Sonia's seven children have autism and she says she's on "constant watch" for hazards inside the home. She said: "To be honest I'm ashamed this house and I feel like a terrible mum that my kids have to live here and sleep here and the council will do nothing."

Inside Sonia's Ysgubor Goch home

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In response to Sonia's claims, an Adra spokesperson said: "Providing good customer service and making sure our customers feel safe and comfortable in their home is a priority for us. We were first notified about the issues involving this property in November 2021.

"We then arranged an inspection during December 2021 but as the date wasn’t convenient for our customer we rescheduled the inspection for January 2022. Since then, we have carried out work on the ceiling following a leaking pipe to make sure it’s safe for our customer, we have also carried out an inspection at the customer’s home and have identified the work required which will be completed in line with our usual repairs timescales, by May 2022.

"During March this year, we have received further repair requests from our customer which we are looking into and have arranged a further inspection this month. We will of course make sure that the work is completed to a high standard so that our customer can enjoy their home."

Jonathan Caine Jones, a local business owner, is standing for election to Caernarfon's Peblig Ward and Gwynedd Council later this year. Sonia contacted Jonathan for help after the state of the property left her feeling "desperate".

He told North Wales Live: "I've been to the house myself and it's in a bit of a state; there's damp in the bathroom and cracks in the walls and the batons they've put up across the ceiling looks awful.

"Sonia's got seven kids and two of them have autism and it's not fair on them. She's desperate to decorate and make it into a proper home but she can't because of all this.

"I know Covid stopped things from happening but they need to get on with it now. I've spoken to other families in the area who have had the same problems but they just fob everybody off, people are being let down and it's not fair."

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