An interiors lover has totally transformed her boring bathroom on a tight budget by using a clever color blocking paint technique. Lauren from @the.tiny.colourful.terrace has banished the beige, filling her space with playful bathroom ideas and plenty of plants, too.


Before the pink and blue bathroom makeover got underway, the bathroom was perfectly functional and spacious, with a bath, shower and toilet. But it didn't *quite* reflect Lauren's style.

Color-blocking tranforms beige bathroom into bold and graphic space

'The total cost of my bathroom makeover was £124 and the beauty of it is that I didn’t use all of the paint in this room so I have been able to use leftover paint for other projects,' Lauren tells UK Radiators.

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Lauren painted all of the walls and tiles, waving goodbye to the magnolia and stone hues. On the floor, she used budget-friendly blue peel and stick vinyl, available at Amazonwhich brings some lovely pattern.

Lauren also used color blocking in her kitchen to give the walls a fun and retro feel. The experienced DIYer says her top tip is to always follow the instructions on the paint can.

'The tile paint required a completely clean surface, so I used sugar soap to wash away any residue and then sprayed it with water to clean away any sugar soap residue. I was also not able to get it wet for 24 hours after painting.

'All these things will help to get a good finish on the paint,' she says.