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Flushable wipes for men exist, and they’re on sale right now

Are you a man? Do you wipe your bum? In today’s needlessly gendered product deal, we offer to you, dear readers, 288 flushable wipes aimed exclusively at men (so exclusively, they’re called DUDE wipes, in case it wasn’t clear). Usually almost $27 for a six-pack, they’re currently marked down on Amazon to just $12.11.

DUDE Wipes Flushable Wipes Dispenser, Unscented & Mint Chill ComboDude$11.44Shop Now

These wipes are somehow formulated just for masculine posteriors, and while we have some questions about the science of that, there’s no question that this is a great deal if you happen to be the market for some toilet-friendly wipes. The two 144-count packages come in two varieties — Unscented and Mint Chill — and you’ll get one of each in your order (making it handy if you have a two-bathroom house or you want to split an order with a housemate who is a man, since these are DUDE wipes).

Jokes about flushable wipes just for men aside, it seems like these wipes actually, well, do the job. Users are about as passionate about these wipes as toilet wipes can inspire in people, and they’ve rated the product five stars for its uh…efficacy, comfort, and flushability. Speaking of: You don’t have to worry about jamming up your plumbing with these wipes. The wipes are safe for both sewers and septic systems, so you won’t gum up the works with an errant flush.

In the meantime, those of us who do not identify as DUDES will just keep pining away for our own LADY wipes, no doubt in some clear pink packaging to avoid potentially dangerous confusion.