A CLEANING expert has revealed her unusual secret weapon for getting rid of stains and making grotty pans spotless - and you won't find it in the cleaning aisle.

Instead, you'll need to have a look in the health section, as 'Queen of Clean' Lynsey Crombie's product of choice is actually denture tablets.

Lynsey shared a video on TikTok of all the ways she uses the tablets around the home - from removing stains from mugs and cups to keeping flowers fresher for longer.

"Uses for denture tablets around the home," she began, with her first suggestion to use them to get dishcloths clean.

In the clip, she's seen dropping one of the tablets into a bowl of water, before adding some boiling water from the kettle.

Next, the tablets can be used for getting rid of toilet stains and rings - simply by throwing them into the loo and leaving to work their magic.

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If you've got stained mugs and cups in your cupboard then the tablets are also a great way of getting them clean again.

Just add one in the bottom of a stained cup, add some boiling water and watch it fizz.

Add one in the bottom of your vase to keep your flowers fresher for longer, and pop in a pan with boiling water to get rid of any burnt on food and grease.

Finally, pop one of the tablets carefully on your plughole before tipping boiling water down to unblock pipes and freshen things up.


In the comments section on the video, viewers praised Lynsey for the hack, while others suggested different ways they also use the tablets.

"I use them to clean drinking bottles," one person wrote, while another added: "They are good for your net curtains too."

"I use a tablet to soak our toothbrushes (even though we close the toilet lid when flushing) as germs get everywhere," someone else commented.

"Good for whitening your nails," another comment read.

While another person added: "It’s good for cleaning jewellery, recommended by a jeweller."