Which part goes where?

Before you get started, it’s important to get familiar with the parts of the tampon and applicator, because it’s not all one piece.

How to Insert and Remove a Tampon Correctly

For starters, there’s the actual tampon and string. This is usually made of cotton, rayon, or organic cotton.

The tampon is a small cylinder that fits inside the vaginal canal. The material is compressed and expands when it gets wet.

The string is the part that extends outside of the vagina so you can pull it for removal (more on that later).

The applicator that surrounds the tampon and string is made of the barrel, grip, and plunger. Sometimes, if you have a travel-sized tampon, you might have to extend the plunger and click it into place.

The plunger moves the tampon outside of the applicator. You do so by holding on to the grip with the tips of your fingers and placing another finger on the end of the plunger.