One thing no one should take for granted is toilet time. This is when you get to relieve yourself of some toxins in your body, reply to overdue messages, read a magazine or find out the components of your air freshener. With that in mind, many engineers and inventors want to make that experience as relaxing as possible. So they are pulling out all the stops to make the smartest high tech toilets ever known to man. Check them out.

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The B0950S is a masterful toilet. Here are its top features.

Numi’s black beauty is a departure from the traditional toilet. Richard Kong, Kohler vice president of Industrial Design for Kitchen and Bath Americas says it’s a designers masterpiece.

“It’s a natural fit for bathroom spaces that lean towards the grey, titanium, slate and charcoal aesthetic. It also works well for the ultra-clean, ultra-white bathroom space.”

Venus was the vacation hot spot for the Jetsons, but you can create a spalike setting at home with Toto’s Washlet S400. The seat delivers

There are so much more but you can watch them here:

 Insane Tech: Smartest, Most Expensive Toilets in The World