A rapist who imprisoned a stranger inside a festival portaloo and attacked her in an “explosion of sexual violence” has been jailed.

Parrie Jacob, of Hythe, trapped the woman while carrying out the brutal assault in 2019, after waiting for her to be alone at night.

The 24-year-old denied targeting her at a beer festival in Mersham, near Ashford, during a two-week trial at Canterbury Crown Court in November last year.

But jurors threw out his claims that she consented and unanimously found him guilty of one count of rape.

A judge jailed Jacob for seven-and-a-half-years at the same court this week, where his brave survivor described her agony in the wake of the ordeal.

“I’m now too scared to be around people I don’t know and people (who are) drinking, I don’t like social situations anymore,” she said.

“It results in me having panic attacks, struggling to breath, my heart racing out of my chest.

“This man has made me lose my faith in everything, this man has robbed the last two years of my life, and potentially my future.

“His actions have resulted in a life sentence for me,” she said, adding she had made an attempt to take her own life.

Jacob fled the festival after a reveller interrupted the attack and helped the woman fend him off, the jury heard.

In police bodycam footage played in court she told officers “minutes turned into a lifetime” while she “couldn’t move.”

“He followed me to the toilets, I was shining a torch on the cubicles and one was open, and he pushed me in.

“He pushed me in head first and did his thing,” she said.

“Someone pushed the toilet door open and said ‘oh my god someone is having sex in there.’

“I was just trying to get him off, I was saying ‘you are not right, you are not right.’

“I couldn’t move to push him properly and I couldn’t make any noise because he was pushing my head down, he was putting a lot of weight on me.

“A few minutes felt like a lifetime.”

“I was just trying to get him off, I was saying ‘you are not right, you are not right'..."

The woman alerted security and explained she had been assaulted, prosecutors explained.

But the guards would let Jacob free before police arrived after failing to “understand the severity” of the allegation, prosecutor Vivian Walters said.

Rapist from Hythe who attacked woman in portable toilet at beer festival in Mersham near Ashford is jailed Most popular

She dubbed Jacob’s actions a “brief explosion of sexual violence” on a stranger during the trial.

“He followed a woman into a toilet, forced his way into the cubicle, pulled down her pants and raped her,” she told jurors.

“The woman was a stranger to him, the evidence suggests the defendant picked her out early that night at a festival.

“The defendant accepts there was sexual contact between them that night, but the defendant’s case will be she followed him to the toilet and initiated sexual contact.

“She wanted to scream for help but was frozen in shock.

“The prosecution say it was a brief explosion of sexual violence.”

Following his arrest Jacob, of Herons Way, argued she consented to sex and continues to claim his innocence.

Judge Catherine Brown told Jacob: “This was the rape of a stranger, it was a rape where you pushed her into a portaloo, effectively imprisoning her.

“It was the kind of offence that strikes fears into the hearts of women and girls - your actions that night were the stuff of every woman’s nightmare.”

Judge Brown told Jacob he “violated and humiliated” his victim, his violence adding to society’s “climate of fear” surrounding male violence against women.

Tarnya Robinson, mitigating, highlighted Jacob’s good previous character and, having been 21 at the time of the offence, “lack of maturity.”

“The court can be satisfied this was totally out of character,” she added.

Referring to character references seen by the court, she added Jacob was described as “kind, funny” and “football mad.”

“The court can be satisfied this was totally out of character...”

“There was no real sign of this sort of behaviour or lack of respect for women,” she said.

But the judge added: "I finally pay tribute to your victim for her courage in giving evidence against you. It was far from easy.

"I hope that, despite the psychological issues she is still having to confront, she will at some point be able to move on from this horrendous event and that she will at some point be able to find happiness once again in her life."

Jacob, supported by 20 family members in the public gallery, was placed on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

Commmenting on the sentence, Detective Sergeant Richard Lown, of Kent Police's Rape Investigation Team, said: "This was a terrifying experience for the victim and I would like to praise her bravery in supporting this prosecution.

"Jacob committed this offence against a stranger and, by refusing to admit his crime, worsened the ordeal for his victim by forcing her to give evidence at a trial.

"I am pleased the case we put together led to the jury seeing through his lies and he is now starting a significant jail term.

"Kent Police is committed to protecting women and girls from violence and sexual violence and I urge anyone who has been a victim of such offences to report it to the police as soon as possible so we can investigate and bring offenders to justice."