With a unique formulation that includes rubber particles to increase bond strength and impact resistance, Gorilla Super Glue is the best product we tested for general ceramic repairs. It can also be used on plastic, metal, stone, fabric, paper, and rubber, among other materials, and it dries in less than 45 seconds. It dries clear to help make repairs undetectable.

Beyond the glue itself, two applicators are included to fine-tune usage to suit the project: a fine-bristle brush for smaller, thin cracks and a precision-tip nozzle for quick, accurate dispensing. Practice makes perfect when using the applicators, however. In our tests, it took several tries with the tip applicator to get the glue flowing at the ideal rate. The brush applicator is easy to use, but the viscosity of the gel made it tricky to get the right amount of adhesive on the brush without making a mess.

The Best Glues for Ceramic Repairs of 2022

This super glue is not FDA approved or water resistant. It has a strong odor that dissipates after drying, but it should be applied in a well-ventilated area.

Product Specs