Used Condoms Lying Behind the Stinking/Dirty Men’s Toilet at DC Office Campus Paint a Sorry Picture

Mangaluru: As the saying goes- When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go! – It means you have to go to the restroom/toilet really badly. And this morning after my breakfast at Hotel Swagath, near the DC Office premises, I was so stuffed that I had to relieve myself, and desperately looked for a toilet nearby-since I am not that kind of a person who’ll go behind the walls or bushes to urinate. An auto-rickshaw driver helped me in giving the location of a men’s toilet inside the DC Office campus, and I quickly rushed to the toilet, which was a few meters away from the main gate of DC office campus.

Used Condoms Lying Behind the Stinking/Dirty Men’s Toilet at DC Office Campus Paint a Sorry Picture

OMG! You call this a toilet, that too belonging to a reputed government office, which is none other than the Dakshina Kannada Deputy Commissioner’s office building. The men’s toilet was stinking and there were dirty stains all over-even though a sign is posted on the wall “Swachhathe Kapadi” in Kannada, which means “Maintain Cleanliness”, but looking at the toilet, the sign was nothing but a joke. With no other option in order to desperately relieve myself I used the toilet, holding one hand firmly on my mouth and nose? A total neglected toilet, left to people who use it to bear the stink.

At a time when our Country, State, District, including Mangaluru is laying emphasis on Swachh Bharath/Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan, a majority of government offices/buildings in the City reveals an unhygienic picture- and one such government campus/premises is the Deputy Commissioner’s Office campus, located near State Bank area. No doubt the DC campus gets a large number of visitors everyday but the men’s toilet here remains in a deplorable state. The urinals have turned into spittoons, including the sink, in the absence of regular cleaning. A sign on the wall above the sink says “Swachha Kapadi” meaning to say “Maintain Cleanliness”, but the area remains untidy and dirty.

Looking at the present condition of the men’s toilet, it looks like it has not been cleaned for a long time. Now the question arises, who is maintaining the toilet and how many persons are employed to do the cleaning- whether it is outsourced to a cleaning agency or the in-staff of the DC office building are at the helm of cleaning. This non-cleanliness toilet has marred the overall aesthetics of Kudla. The urinals lie in neglect with apathy of authorities. These dirty urinals are a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause infections. As per medical experts, toilets should be kept clean and dry as much as possible. The toilet seats also harbor germs and should be wiped before every use in order to prevent any chance of diseases.

And while the district administration officials are spreading awareness among the public to keep the surroundings clean, and also follow protocols pertaining to Covid-19 etc, but they have shown total negligence to the Swachtha of their building surroundings, including the toilet. And if you peep behind the men’s toilet, you will find a bunch of used condoms, which shows something illegal is going on behind the toilet after dark. One customer of a nearby petty shop said, everyday after dark, a bevy of transgenders hang around the area, and are always seen loitering around the men’s toilet. Has anyone from the DC administration noticed it?

So on a final note, if our officials are very keen on the public to maintain cleanliness and take precautions from diseases, they themselves should FIRST maintain cleanliness inside the premises. But here we are seeing “We Don’t Practice What We Preach”, kind of attitude, when it comes to the unhygienic men’s toilet left unattended!

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