After a long, again TikTok is remaining the subject of discussion among the users who daily makes their appearance on the app, but this time the incident is a bit weird and grabbed the attention of everyone. As Deserearachel shared such a bizarre thing about her that recently happened with her, the story is a bit strange as she shared in her video. She unleashed what surfaced when she tried to cover the contraceptive item from her parents especially her dad at her residence. Below you can get the comprehensive details behind the case along with unknown facts.

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According to the video, she claimed that “initially when she started doing the dirty, she used to flush condoms down into the toilet pot in her bathroom so that, no one could reach to them. She fixed this alternate besides garbage because she thought it was secure enough, but later it created obstacles and shameful circumstances for her. Because almost every time she flushed condoms with toilet paper despite knowing that paper could vanish but normally condoms make with rubber and can not be destroyed. But approximately 4 months she continued this.

Further, she mentioned that she was only 18-years-old when she figured out that if she flushes them while wrapping them with toilet paper, so it could be perfect enough. But later, the circumstances were overturned in such a manner that created the worst consequences for her. Because her toilet line was blocked and flush water was coming out as well, which created mess enough and when her mother arrived, she got queasy because she tried many things to solve the problem but it got out of control. Hence, she had to call a plumber who can solve the problem but she git the idea that she is going to be exposed.

Later, when the plumber came and tried his best to figure out the problem he found something messy and tried to dig up her entrance yard to get to it and fix it but nothing was worked. As soon as her parents got to know the reason behind blocking they confronted them because she has a brother as well and the sword of interrogation was hanging on their neck. When her dad asked them about the situation that they can tell them who is behind this exploit both have started accusing each other. Her video has got more than 78,000 likes on the app as uncounted people are watching it.