Debunking myths about periods and bathing

There are a lot of period myths across cultures that have been passed down through generations Many of them stem from menstruation having once been seen as taboo or dirty. In some cultures, it still is.

Why It’s Totally Fine to Take a Bath on Your Period

There are several myths about what taking a bath can do to your flow. For instance, some people believe that taking a bath or shower in hot water will make bleeding heavier. Another popular myth is that being in water stops your period.

Is there any truth to these? There’s no evidence that taking a bath can impact your flow, but we asked an expert to be sure.

“No, taking a bath cannot affect the flow of your period,” says Lucky Sekhon, MD, a medical expert at Flo and reproductive endocrinologist at RMA of New York.

“Being immersed in water can present an illusion that the flow has stopped when really it is merely diluted due to the surrounding bath water. Your lining of your uterus continues to break down and shed, whether immersed in water or not,” Sekhon explains.

As for the hot water theory, the heat does increase blood circulation. In theory, this could make blood flow more freely, but there’s no evidence that you’ll experience heavier bleeding when you bathe in hot water.

While we’re at it, here are some other period and bathing-related myths. No matter what your grandmother told you, the following are *not* true: