Euphoria is a drama series appearing on HBO and available for streaming on HBO Max. While the series primarily focuses on the lives of the students at East Highland High School, it also delves into some very sensitive subject matter. The series has been openly criticized by the D.A.R.E. program for what it claims is a glamorization of the issues teens face.

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Indeed, the hit series does not shy away from heavy topics, with episodes tackling domestic abuse, addiction, abortion, and trauma. There are many moments throughout Euphoria where the characters are put in very intense and even dangerous situations.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Euphoria, now streaming on HBO Max.

10 When It Shows A Flashback To Rue's Overdose

When the series begins, Rue is freshly out of rehab. Rue doesn't mention much about her overdose or rehab, just that she has no intention of staying clean. It seems the event affects Rue, but rather than face her emotions, she just numbs herself to them.

It is not until a flashback of her overdose that fans get to see just how traumatic it is. Gia calls out to Rue who is unresponsive, and when she finds her, Rue is on her back, choking. The incident shakes up the whole family, especially Gia since she is the one who finds Rue and has to call the paramedics.

9 When Nate Grabs Maddy By Her Neck

At the town festival, Maddy and Nate are to meet up with each other. When Nate sees Maddy, however, he criticizes her clothing choice and lets her know that his parents don't like her. This rightfully upsets Maddy.

In Maddy fashion, she decides to get even with Nate. She goes up to his parents' chili booth at the festival and causes a scene. Nate drags her away, slamming her up against a trailer by her neck, and yells in her face. When Maddy gets home, she notices the huge bruise on her neck, which forces her to wear layers of clothing to hide it.

8 When Mouse Gives Rue Fentanyl & She Passes Out

One day while Rue is at Fezco's house, he gets a text that his supplier is coming. Fezco tells Rue that she needs to leave before he gets there, but Rue messes around until it's too late for her to slip out. Fez tells her to stay quiet and not to leave the room.

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Rue, of course, does not listen and comes out during Fez and Mouse's meeting. When Mouse gets ahold of Rue, he forces fentanyl on her. It hits her very quickly and she begins to lose consciousness and Fez tries to get Mouse to leave her alone. The whole scene is intense and uncomfortable.

7 When Nate & His Dad Have A Physical Altercation

Nate and his dad Cal have a strange and strained relationship. There is so much that Nate knows about his father and on the other hand, so little that Cal knows about his son. Ever since Nate was little, Cal has drilled into him what the ideal man is and how he should act.

Nate is constantly trying to live up to his dad's expectations and prove himself, but it is never enough. One night after his dad criticizes him, Nate gets in Cal's face and the two have a physical altercation. Cal pins Nate down and then Nate begins slamming his head into the floor. The scene is incredibly disturbing as Nate thrashes on the floor, screaming with rage.

6 When Nate Beats Tyler Because He Believes He Took Advantage Of Maddy

During one of Maddy and Nate's many breaks, Maddy finds a guy to have sex with, to make Nate jealous. However, after the incident, Maddy tells Nate that she blacked out and doesn't remember anything. Nate then takes matters into his own hands.

Nate follows Tyler and watches him. He then breaks into Tyler's apartment and waits for him to come home. When Tyler returns home, Nate is waiting. Nate mercilessly beats Tyler, repeatedly asking him if he raped Maddy. Tyler never confesses to the allegations because they simply are unfounded, but is forced to endure the ruthless beating.

5 When Fezco Robs A Doctor To Get Money

Nate tips off the cops that Fezco is illegally selling drugs out of his house. When the cops show up to raid the house, Fezco and Ashtray are forced to flush their entire stash down the toilet. With their stash gone and Mouse showing up at any moment to collect his money, Fezco has to come up with a plan to get Mouse's money.

Fezco follows Mouse one night to a doctor's house. After Mouse leaves, Fezco sneaks inside and tries to rob the man. However, the doctor pulls a gun on Fezco who is then forced to beat up the man to keep him from shooting. The whole scene is witnessed by the doctor's young son, which undoubtedly is very traumatizing.

4 When Ashtray Murders Mouse With A Hammer

Any scene that involves Mouse is intense because he has this presence that makes any situation extremely uncomfortable. When Mouse and Custer show up to collect money from Fezco, Mouse asks what took Fez so long and mentions hearing that Fez got raided by the cops.

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Fez hands over the money, stained with blood, and asks Mouse if they are good. Before Mouse can reply, Ashtray emerges from hiding and attacks Mouse and Custer with a hammer. Mouse dies and Custer is left with a messed up face. It is a shocking moment for not only Fezco but to viewers as well.

3 When Fezco Attacks Nate At A Party

The tension between Fezco and Nate had long been building before their meeting in Euphoria's Season 2 premiere. Throughout Season 1, Nate tormented pretty much everyone, including Jules. When Fezco gets wind of this, he approaches Nate and tells him to leave Rue and her friends alone.

Nate tips the cops off on Fez in revenge. As if Fezco didn't need another reason to dislike Nate, the raid from the cops put Fezco into a precarious situation, one that could affect his family and livelihood. When Fezco sees Nate at a party, he smashes a bottle over his head and proceeds to beat him. Other guests have to pull Fez off of Nate, and Nate is taken to the hospital. The scene is intense but also satisfying to finally see Nate get what's coming to him.

2 When Cal Shows Up The The Gas Station Where Fezco Works

After Nate is attacked, Cal wants to get to the bottom of the assault. He questions Cassie and Lexi Howard, but neither one gives up Fezco's name. However, Cal decides to follow Lexi and she leads him right to Fezco.

Cal is seen sticking a gun in his pocket and heading inside the store. Viewers know he has a gun, but no one else in the scene does. It makes for a very intense moment because no one knows what is about to happen. Fortunately, Cal decides to leave without incident, but it's not the last time he bothers Fezco.

1 When Laurie's Goons Make Everyone Strip

Since Mouse dies, Fezco needs a new supplier. Custer sets up a meeting with a female drug dealer named Laurie. Rue and Custer's girlfriend Faye tag along to the meeting. After Fezco, Ashtray and Custer go inside to meet Laurie, men show up and pull Rue and Faye from the car where they are waiting,

Inside Laurie's house, a very intimidating-looking man tells everyone to strip to prove they aren't wearing a wire. When Faye speaks up, the man slams her head into the wall. Rue, of course, refuses to strip since she is a high schooler, so the man drags her away into another room and turns the shower on her until she complies. Laurie apologizes for the drastic measures, explaining she has to be careful who she trusts.

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