You could fill an entire day – multiple days, even – with all the mundane household tasks that come up throughout the week. One task almost always leads to another: You want to take care of your breakfast pan but first the dishes need to be put away, or maybe you’ve just finished dusting but now the floors need to be vacuumed.

You're Spending WAY Too Much Time Doing These 30 Everyday Tasks

To make matters worse, not all of us were properly trained in the art of everyday household upkeep, leading to costly, time-wasting mistakes that can damage your property. Even when performing tasks where you feel like you know what you’re doing, there’s always a way to be more efficient. If you had the choice, and could eliminate or drastically reduce the hours you spend doing the everyday tasks you dread, would you?

If you’re smart, the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” And luckily for all you smart people, there are some easy solutions hidden in plain sight. These Amazon products offer problem-solving techniques to all of your household woes, from scrubbing your shower to chopping vegetables. Whatever the task is that’s keeping you from the things you love, you’ll find a time-saving answer here. Fill your Amazon cart with these 30 possibilities while daydreaming about what you’ll do with all the saved time in your new reality.