There’s probably no need to fret about the Mitsubishi Triton’s future just yet, as it’s still holding third place on the 4x4 ute sales charts.

For the longest time, the Triton kept its head above water with list pricing a decent step below top-sellers like the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger.

2021 Mitsubishi Triton GLS 4×4 dual-cab review

Competition has been ramping up to give the Triton a hard time. First, the LDV T60, not to mention an updated Nissan Navara that’s just landed, and a new and vastly improved GWM Ute.

All plenty of pressure on the humble Triton.

In the case of the 2021 Mitsubishi Triton GLS 4x4, you’re looking at one step down from the flagship GSR. It occupies the same space as a HiLux SR5 or Ranger XLT, and is dressed up with the kind of chrome trim that speaks to a more traditional buyer base.

Pricing is normally set at $49,240 plus on-road costs for the GLS automatic. Right now, with a drive-away deal, that drops to $47,490 drive-away, or if you opt for the GLS Deluxe option pack (more on that in a sec) it rises to $50,740 drive-away.

That’s sharp alongside an auto Navara ST-X ($58,790 drive-away), but sharper still compared to the HiLux SR5 ($59,920 + ORCs) and the Ranger XLT 3.2 ($59,440 + ORCs). Not too surprising to see why the Triton is a popular option, though at $33,490 drive-away for an LDV T60 Luxe, the Triton’s hardly the most affordable option.