If it’s about to happen, like, now

If your date is pulling into the driveway and you’re panicking, breathe. As long as you’ve got lube and access to some soap and water or wipes, you’re good, says Play.

“If you want to feel fresh before playing back there, it’s always OK to say, ‘I just want to take a quick pit stop to the bathroom,'” Play adds. “After all, a fun play session is all about your comfort.”

A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing for Anal Sex

Bathroom break not possible? Wipes can do the trick, too, says Play. “Unless you like a little brown sugar with your coffee! Hey, no kink shaming here.” *Wink*

If you don’t have the basics on hand, you might want to reschedule your butt sesh or switch gears with an equally pleasurable act.

Quick tip

Sh*t happens, and it’s NBD. But it does need to be addressed on account of the bacteria factor. To share the love and not the bacteria, don’t go back to front — as in from butt to mouth, vag, or hands — or to a different partner’s butt without a quick clean in between.

And remember, lube isn’t just an erotic addition to butt play — it’s a must for your comfort and safety. That’s because lube helps prevent painful tearing that can increase your chance of contracting HIV and other STIs.

“Apply (lube) generously and, if you’re bottoming, be vocal about when you need reapplication,” explains Play.

Access to wipes or another way to wash up after can also help reduce the chance of other infections.

And while we’re on the subject of safety, don’t forget about barrier protection if there’s uncertainty about an involved partner’s STI status or if a partner has an STI.