Once installed in the pool, the poolguard pool alarm cannot be turned off; it is constantly in alarm mode. When removed from the pool, the poolguard pool alarm will sound an alarm. When you’re ready to use your pool, simply take the alarm out of the pool and set it to sleep mode. When the poolguard pool alarm is installed in the pool, it will immediately wake up and do a system test.

Bouncing a Few Questions Off Rebound Pool Surfaces

The poolguard pool alarm comes with a 12 volt power supply and an in-house remote receiver with a range of up to 200 feet. The poolguard poolside alarm is powered by a 9-volt battery (not included) with a one-year battery life. The in-house remote receiver also indicates an audible low battery indicator at the poolside alarm. New sensor technology reduces the likelihood of false alerts caused by wind, rain, or small things entering the water, such as sticks or toys. Poolguard pool alarms have been thoroughly tested and meet ASTM standards. Poolguard should not be installed too close to the return line.

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