Which Coleman or Intex inflatable hot tub is best?

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and let the muscles soften after a long day. It can be expensive to have one installed on your deck, but inflatable hot tubs offer a cheaper option with the same result. If you’re thinking of getting a hot tub and want to know which one is best, Coleman and Intex are two companies to consider.

Both companies are large and hold authority in their niche. Coleman is a camping equipment company that makes just about anything you need to spend time outdoors. Intex, however, specializes in inflatable furniture and has a vast selection of inflatable hot tubs.

Coleman inflatable hot tubs

The Coleman company was founded in 1900 and has been making camping equipment ever since. Their hot tubs are made for the outdoors — they’re durable and puncture-resistant with built-in lift handles to move the tub around with ease. These tubs are easy to operate, set up and maintain. They also come with their own pump to inflate and deflate them.

There are a few different sizes of Coleman inflatable hot tubs. The largest they have fits six people and has 140 jets with bubbles. Extra features include cup holders for snacks and drinks as well as a cover to hold heat in the spa when not in use.

The benefit of having an inflatable hot tub made by a company that makes outdoor gear is that they consider the elements. It’s easy to set up, fill and drain. Its floors are cushioned, and it’s reported by users to be well-made.

While running, a Coleman hot tub is quiet and heats up fast. It also includes a cover. This is very beneficial when the tub isn’t in use or when you’re waiting for it to reach the desired temperature.

Since you need to keep it running in order for it to work properly, it can get expensive to keep up. Users have reported that it has some trouble getting hot enough in cooler temperatures, which can add to the cost. It’s also been reported that the manual isn’t user-friendly, and this can make the setup more difficult than it needs to be. Additionally, some users have reported the six-person spa doesn’t fit six adults comfortably.

What are the best Coleman inflatable hot tubs to buy?

Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub

This spa inflates within minutes and heats quickly as well. It’s portable and affordable with all the benefits of a traditional hot tub.

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Coleman 4-Person 60-Jet Round Inflatable Hot Tub

If you want a four-person hot tub that you can take with you anywhere, the Inflatable Miami Spa is a great option. The durable three-ply PVC walls are tear-proof and keep the water warm for hours at a time.

Sold by Wayfair

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​​Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person AirJet Spa

Coleman inflatable hot tub vs. Intex inflatable hot tub

This inflatable hot tub comes with its own air pump and a digital control panel to set your temperature. The incredibly easy setup allows you to start soaking in no time.

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Intex inflatable hot tubs

Intex hot tubs are durable and have a five- to seven-year lifespan. This company focuses on inflatable furniture as their niche product, and they sell a wide variety. The hot tubs they carry are affordably priced and come in several sizes to suit variations in user needs. Their larger models have up to 140 bubble jets apiece.

Setting these up doesn’t take long. They inflate quickly and take 24 hours to fill with water. While you’re waiting, you can keep it covered. It includes an insulated cover with a lock to keep the top from being lifted by the wind, and it keeps out pets or curious children.

Intex’s entire line of products is inflatable, providing the expertise you want in an inflatable tub — something holding gallons upon gallons of water should be well-made and understood. They’re easy to set up and maintain when not being used.

Each tub includes many helpful accessories to maintain it throughout its lifespan. They come in multiple sizes to accommodate those who want it for lower back pain relief and those who want to soak with friends.

One downside to having an inflatable hot tub like this is that it has to run every day, all the time, which can make it expensive to maintain. Otherwise, it must be drained, deflated and put away. There have been reports of air leaks during colder weather by some users. When there were issues, users have had trouble with quality customer service.

What are the best Intex inflatable hot tubs to buy?

Intex PureSpa Inflatable 4-Person Spa

This inflatable hot tub has a four-person capacity. All of its included accessories make it easy to set up and maintain.

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Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe Outdoor Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub Spa with Bubble Jets

This six-person hot tub heats up to 104 degrees, and it has a built-in hard-water treatment system to filter the water. It comes with multicolored LED lights, two filter cartridges, two headrests and other setup materials.

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Intex 6-Person 170-Jet Vinyl Round Inflatable Hot Tub

If you love bubbles in your hot tub, this inflatable six-person model is a great choice. It has 170 high-powered jets that are perfect for soothing aching muscles. It also has LED lighting and a hard-water treatment system.

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Should you get a Coleman or an Intex inflatable hot tub?

The bottom line is that both Coleman and Intex have tubs that are durable and quality-made. They’re equal in pricing, durability and user ratings. Both brands have design flaws, such as maintaining the heat properly in cooler weather. They do, however, work very well for the price in more moderate temperatures.

If you want quality customer service, you may want to purchase a Coleman inflatable hot tub. The company has been around for a long time, and it doesn’t have the negative customer service reports that Intex does. At least if something happens to it, you can get ahold of someone for a refund or replacement.

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