Interesting, I didn’t know all of this. Hydrogen..Well, the Zeppelin ships were not bad designed.A lot of thought went into them. From what I heard, they were designed with Helium in mind, too. So they could use both Helium and Hydrogen. Problem was, Germany didn’t have enough Helium and the USA (?) didn’t want do export it at the time, which was understandable. The horrible accident of the Hindenburg was very sad, but we must keep in mind, that this air ship and many others survived many previous voyages, also. What really happend that day is still not entirely sure.

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A lightning strike might also havehad contributed to this horrible accident. According to some documentations on TV, the hard turn during the landing maneuver could have had caused a damage on the hull or the inner hydrogen-filled ballons. If that was the case, the lightning strike had an easy play.

The whole thing reminds m a bit of the of the Titanic accident; in both cases it wasn’t the construction design itself that was faulty. The Titanic had gotten a not so low number of cheap iron bolts, because steel was expensive.The Titanic was never designed for this modification, though. It also had some of its bulkheads removed, so a larger ballroom could be installed. If we consider this, it’s a miracle that both constructions allowed at least a few people to survive. Things could have been much worse, than they already were.The Titanic’s sister, the Olympic, served well for many years to come.