While binge-watching Outer Banks, Netflix's popular teen treasure hunting show, you might find yourself thinking of getting into some sort of trouble like the Pogues and Kooks always seem to find themselves in. While the aura of the series seems perfect for a chill kickback (maybe with a little Sharks vs. Jets tension and a murder thrown in), it's the background music that really brings the setting to life.

Here Are All the Songs in Netflix’s Outer Banks

If you take away the ridiculous stunning cast, there's a chance that you'll see just how good the music in the show truly is. And get ready—much of the tracks will be tunes that you can't resist adding to your favorite playlist.

With a show that follows two different teenage groups in North Carolina as they search for some kind of buried treasure hidden somewhere in their idyllic town, the show breathes an air of mystery, summer flings and vibes that will make you feel like summer started a month early. While viewers won't necessarily be able to travel to the barrier islands off theNorth Carolina coast (given that we're all stuck in a global pandemic), you can still head out to your car, push the seats back, and immerse yourself in a soundtrack that is perfect for a good chill moment.

So, while you're checking for any updates on Season 2, feel free to sit back, relax, and start playing the music you can find all throughout season 1 of Outer Banks.