In today's "let's get creative while maintaining social distance" news reel: Hot Tub Boats are becoming the summer's must-try activity.

The eponymous company is currently offering the boats for rent out in Seattle. Groups of up to six people can rent one out and float along the 580-acre Lake Union in the middle of downtown. A two-hour rental will cost you $350, which isn't so bad if split evenly among all those present. An important note: at least one of the participants has to have a valid driver's license to navigate.

A bit about the vessel: an electric motor will keep it moving, coupled with an onboard diesel heater which will steady the water temperature at a cozy 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You can move around—maximum speed: 5 miles per hours—using a joystick. As for cleanliness: the staff will fully drain and sanitize the crafts after each use.

Hot Tub Boats are now a thing in the United States

We should note that this isn't an entirely new invention. The part-hot-tub-part-boat first hit the market back in 2012 but, of course, given the current status quo, folks have been expressing renewed interest in the socially-distanced activity.

A total of two vessels are already in use, with a third one almost complete and—according to Business Insider—one more set to hit the water starting next summer.

Can't get to Seattle any time soon but really craving a hot tub moment while floating on a larger body of water? Worry not: for $75,000, you can order your own custom-built craft.

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